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Supercars packed in tight, what a sight!

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Red Hot Sports Cars Just Look Right | Autance © Red Hot Sports Cars Just Look Right | Autance

There’s a lot of energy density in this picture, in more ways than one!

Car(s): Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 458 Speciale, ’80s Porsche 911
Location: The Motoring Club, west Los Angeles
Photog: Andrew Collins
Camera: iPhone XR

This was taken in the parking section of The Motoring Club’s Marina Del Rey clubhouse. I love red cars in general, but this little triple-angle scene seemed particularly sweet.

I’m not sure what’s been done to the 458 lurking off to the side there, but it doesn’t sound stock. The other two, a Testarossa and a G-Body 911, were factory fresh and immaculate. The old Ferrari and Porsche are kind of an interesting contrast in design ideas even though they’re somewhat close in age – the German car is all about a smooth silhouette, and of course, the Testa is sharp enough to cut yourself on.

If you’re asking me which I’d rather drive, I’d be pulling the Testarossa out of the barn every time. How about you?

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