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Removing molds from your car should be your primary concern because it makes it looks very disgusting. It can also cause serious damage if left unremoved. Therefore, you need to acquire a potent cleaning agent to remove mold from the car exterior. Caring for your car paint should be your all-time job, only if you are…

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Effective Ways to Remove Mold from Car Exterior- Buying Guide 2023 | Autance © Effective Ways to Remove Mold from Car Exterior- Buying Guide 2023 | Autance

Removing molds from your car should be your primary concern because it makes it looks very disgusting. It can also cause serious damage if left unremoved. Therefore, you need to acquire a potent cleaning agent to remove mold from the car exterior.

Caring for your car paint should be your all-time job, only if you are done using it. Mold is the leading cause of respiratory allergies and discomfort, and many factors significantly contribute to its growth. This article gives you detailed information on how you can remove it from your car without damaging its paint.

To help you eliminate the trouble with mold on the car exterior, we will show you 3 Best Mold Remover 2021 on this summary table:



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Calyptus 75% Pure Ultra Concentrated Vinegar

- Brand: Calyptus
- Item Dimensions: 9.65 x 3.46 x 3.31 inches
- Item Weight: 2 Pounds
- Scent: Unscented
- Item Form: Spray
- 15X stronger than vinegar, can be diluted up to 1:13 with water
- Makes 3.75 Gallons: 1 quart of Calyptus 30%, diluted 1:13
- Ultimate indoor outdoor all purpose cleaner
- Exclusively American

RMR Brands Complete Mold Killer & Stain Remover Bundle

- Brand: RMR Brands
- Item Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 12 inches
- Item Weight: 4 pounds
- Scent: Fresh
- Item Form: Spray
- Two fast-acting formulas: 1 spray bottle of RMR-86 and 1 spray bottle of RMR-141 RTU
- RMR-141 Disinfectant Spray Cleaner and Fungicide kills harmful molds and mildews
- RMR 86 remove stubborn stains in seconds
- No scrubbing needed, simply spray

Star brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Plus Surface Cleaner with Bleach

- Item Dimensions: 11.61 x 5.2 x 3.43 inches
- Item Weight: 2.5 Pounds
- Item Form: Spray
- No scrubbing needed, simply spray
- Stain remover+ cleaner, high-alkaline
- Buffered-bleach to remove mold & mildew stains
- Chelating agents to lift ground-in dirt
- Surfactants to cut grease & grime
- Professional-strength, concentrated formula for boats, homes, RVs

How to Remove Mold from Car Exterior?

You can be frustrated if you notice a mold attacking your car’s exterior. However, you can be surprised how it’s pretty much easier to remove it. You can do some basic routines, such as mixing various ingredients with mild water. 

This way, you can eliminate it and retain the shiny and new look of your vehicle. This is not a difficult task, and you do it yourself without any assistance. Follow the steps below of how to eliminate mold.

Step #1: Prepare the Vehicle

The first important thing to do is prepare the paint on the car’s surface before eradicating the mold. You risk destroying the paint if you start spraying it, thus before the agitation phase, ensure that you remove all the contaminants such as leaves, sticks, etc.

The contaminants are sometimes tricky to remove if they become wet. They accumulate in various areas such as the roof, scuttle panel, and any other gaps. Don’t drag them through your paint to avoid creating abrasions.

Although this does not eliminate the molds, it keeps your car clean before washing it. However, if you skip this first step, it will be hard to do that later. Therefore, ensure you do proper car detailing.

Step #2: Pressure Clean (Wash) 

Using pressure or jet washer is the most effective technique of eliminating stubborn molds from your car. So be careful while doing this to avoid causing any damage. If you can’t afford that, you take it to the nearest car wash.

Don’t wash your car with a power washer if it shows the following signs; cracked rubber trim, corrosion, or cracked paintwork. Instead, you are advised to apply this step if your vehicle is in good condition. 

After performing this stage, the molds come off quite easily. Although not all of them, a most of them. Therefore, this is a very significant stage, and don’t skip it because it can be hard to remove the stubborn ones later.

Step #3: Use a Snow Foam

Soften the mold using a snow foam, designed chemically to break it down, and eventually rinse it away by attaching it to a foam cannon. The foam is quite strong but gentle on car paint. You can also use shampoo because it’s highly recommended.

Mix the foam with mild water and apply it around the areas affected by mold. Allow it to settle there for some time, about three hours. Finally, you can rinse it using a pressure washer, making it easier to eliminate in the preceding stages.

Step #4: Apply Contact Wash

It is imperative to use a much more robust product than shampoo, depending on the amount of mold remaining on your car surface. Moreover, you can use a degreaser or a product that can serve all the removal purposes. Ensure that you clean the mitt to avoid dragging it across your paint.

After you have rinsed it, check for any remaining molds. After that, conduct a spot clean on your car to eliminate them. The next step is to apply a concentrated mold remover such as vinegar to kill the mold.

Step #5: Allow your Vehicle to Dry

After you are contented that you have removed the whole of it, use a microfiber towel to wipe the remaining products and allow the car to dry. Consequently, you can polish it using the best dual-action polisher to eradicate the etching molds. Moreover, you can as well remove it using your hand.

Step #6: Apply Protective Layer

The final step is to put protection on the areas affected. This is very crucial because you will notice that the mold ate all the protective layers. Moreover, it prevents it from emerging again on your car.

You can use a ceramic coating, paint protection film, or sealant. Ceramic coating is somehow easy to apply and is durable. You should also protect the plastic edges and rubber seals such as the door handles. Do not skip this step to prevent them from emerging.

3 Best Products to Remove Mold from Car Exterior

Several products for removing molds are considered suitable for your car’s exterior. You need to be careful when shopping for such products. Therefore, you should rely on the criterion provided in this article to assist you with the decision-making. The following are the best car exterior mold removal products:

1. Calyptus (75%) Pure Ultra Concentrated Vinegar

Calyptus is a brand known for manufacturing natural, highly effective, and safe products that you might like to use. It enables you to enjoy an outdoor cleaning experience in your car. Calyptus Ultra Concentrated Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent produced in the United States.

It is carefully and meticulously produced; therefore, it is also safe to use on your vehicle. It is 15 times stronger than other ordinary vinegar because it’s compelling and highly concentrated. The vinegar in this product is about 75 percent, and you can dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:14.

You can use it to remove stubborn molds at full strength without diluting them with water. You can make approximately 15 gallons of regular cleaning vinegar with one quart of Calyptus. That’s quite a lot of vinegar you can have.

It is quite easy to use this product to eradicate any rigid mold. But ensure you wear a protective mask, gloves, and goggles to protect yourself from exposure. Given that the mold in your car is resilient pour undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle.

Spray the Calyptus vinegar directly to it and allow it to absorb the solution for about 2 hours. This is enough time to allow the solution to dry and kill the molds while inhibiting its regrowth on the surface of your vehicle. The smell of the vinegar fades away after some time. Ensure you rinse it with mild water.

It is an effective product against the removal of rigid molds. After applying vinegar on the surface, scrub it gently to avoid damaging other unaffected surfaces of your car. It leaves the surface clean after spraying it, thus no residues.

It penetrates through the exterior and eliminates any mold that exists there. You have to be patient while using this product because it takes a few hours to get the desired outcome. And whenever it rains, it reactivates itself and removes them.

It eliminates the molds quickly
It is powerful and effective
Extremely reliable
It has a concentrated formula for most automobile exteriors

2. RMR Mold Killer and Stain Remover

 RMR Brand is a reputable and known company for producing some of the best mold removal products in the market. And one of their known product is RMR mold killer and Stain Remover. It comes with a critical prevention kit that contains one RMR-141 and one RMR-86 spray bottle.

Moreover, the bundle contains RTU used for eradicating mold from your vehicle’s exterior. In addition, it can also lift other stubborn stains stuck on the surface. This is the perfect product that exterminates it instantly. This product prevents the further emergence of molds for quite a long time. 

It targets those that linger and prove difficult to eliminate, especially in the trunk of your vehicle. There is no need to scrub your car after spraying on the exterior. Instead, relax and allow it to do its magic. Thus, it saves you enough money and time.

It is safe to use because it does not have any side effects, and because it’s a powerful formula, apply it to the areas affected by mold. It tackles it instantly because it is powerful and utilizes exceptional deep infiltration surfactants, which contain a unique hybrid for removing all the stubborn ones within seconds after application.

This product is specially formulated to exterminate and remove mold from car exterior completely. It is five times stronger than any other product available in the market. And it also removes a bad smell in one easy step; therefore, it highly effective.

It’s quite easy to apply to your car exterior, and you can accomplish the best results if you decide to use it. And you should be patient while using it because it gradually kills the molds. It is also suitable to use on various types of automobile surfaces and is gentle on paint.

Your car’s exterior becomes extremely sleek and extremely protected. And it’s an active product that remove molds on vehicle paint. This is the most reliable formulation because it’s long-lasting. It is quite easy to apply even under intense sunlight; thus this makes it different from other formulations.

This is also the best product for eliminating tough and stubborn molds. You can apply it using your hands because it is gentle and effective. Allow your vehicle to become new again and sleek using RMR Brand Mold Killer and Stain Remover.

It eliminates harmful molds instantly
It’s safe to use.
Highly powerful and effective formulation
It is gentle on paint
It’s relatively expensive

3. Star Brite Mold Remover

Star Brite is a very dependable and reliable brand, and it has produced various products that you can use to remove mold from car exterior. One of their best and most popular product is Star Brite and Mildew Stain Remover. It is highly effective, and it can kill stubborn molds within seconds.

It contains a highly concentrated formula for car exteriors and other vehicles. This product is produced in the United States. It eliminates molds quickly without scrubbing. All you have to do is spray on the surface, allow it to dry, and wipe it using a microfiber towel.

This product can eliminate molds and other minor flaws from your vehicle’s paint. Star Brite can bring back the complexity of the car’s exterior paint. It contains a powerful bleaching agent which can kill any mold on your car.

It is best suited for your vehicle’s exterior or any other affected area in your car. It has a flexible spray nozzle that makes it pretty much easy to use, and it is designed to reach all inaccessible areas. You should protect yourself while using this product because of the bleach.

It is formulated with extremely powerful buffered bleach that disintegrates with the paint to kill the molds. This product gives you perfect elimination because it is free of some other dangerous chemicals. It is safe to use and it cannot affect your hands because it is gentle.

It’s a versatile product, and it’s different from other mold removers on the market. This is because it works towards eliminating any imperfections that arise, unlike other removers, which work towards covering them.

You are certain to get maximum satisfaction while using this product because it removes all the stubborn molds. This product ensures an exceptional job of restoring your car’s exterior by eliminating the molds.

Eradicates almost 98 percent of mold
It is gentle on your car paint
It’s highly effective
It has a reliable spray nozzle
It contains bleach that can damage your paint


It is quite frustrating to remove mold from car exterior, and you should not be in a hurry while conducting this process. To prevent the mold from attacking your car again, you should try to implement the essential steps highlighted above. Therefore, you can prevent the return of molds if you follow the steps carefully.

Consequently, if you want to protect your vehicle from mold, you should wash it regularly and maintain it. If you wash it at least twice a month, the molds cannot regrow. And it will be unnecessary to undergo the extermination process once more, and your car will be shiny and sleek at all times.

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