Russia’s Monster Truck Mini-Tanks Are Perfect

The surprisingly buoyant diesel toy truck of your dreams.

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Russia’s Monster Truck Mini-Tanks Are Perfect © Russia’s Monster Truck Mini-Tanks Are Perfect

Only in Russia could someone take what’s essentially an ATV, slap gargantuan self-inflating tires on it and create a monster that can go anywhere its driver damn well pleases. This compact two-man creation, dubbed the Sherp, is capable of scrambling over 27-inch obstacles, swimming, and even skid-steering like a tank. It’s also proficient in looking wholly badass.

Thank Aleksei Garagashian for this wonder. The Sherp weighs a shave below 3,000 pounds, and is powered by 1.5-liter Kubota V1505 four-cylinder diesel engine, mated to a five-speed manual tranny. That engine produces a mere 44 ponies, but the Sherp can hit 28 mph on land and about 4 mph when it dips into the water. Let’s see a Honda FourTrax try that with swimmies on.

The design means impressive breakover angles and easy maintenance. What’s more, the Sherp can turn around in its own length,11 feet, and there are innumerable customization options. For a few more rubles, you can upgrade to a fixed hardtop (a “tent” atop a flatbed is standard) and a more luxurious interior. A durable polymer coating means the Sherp is able to shake off whatever it’s barrelling through—snow, mud or perhaps a house. Additional package options include high-powered generators, lightbars, trailers and extra fuel tanks, in case the 15.3-gallon stock one isn’t enough.

This ultimate drivable Tonka truck will set you back only about $50,000. If you think that’s steep, you may reconsider after watching this pair of Sherps hooning around a frozen lake somewhere in the Motherland.

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