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Many people love to travel in their recreational vehicles, exploring new territories while having family time. For most RV owners,…

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The Best RV Macerator Pump (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Macerator Pump (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Amarine-Made RV Macerator Pump Amarine-Made RV Macerator Pump
Premium Pick Sealand T Series RV Macerator Pump Sealand T Series RV Macerator Pump
Best Value SEAFLO Macerator Pump System SEAFLO Macerator Pump System

Many people love to travel in their recreational vehicles, exploring new territories while having family time. For most RV owners, the concept of dumping stations isn’t even considered; thus, the use of an RV macerator pump. This unit helps you empty your tanks when they must be cleared. They are usually portable and feature potent motors that enhance their productivity and also help produce slurry fast. If you need some ideas on the best RV macerator pumps, the list below displays the top models and their specifications.

The Best RV Macerator Pump

The Amarine-made RV Macerator pump is used by numerous RV owners. It is a quick-release macerator pump system designed to be portable and easily moved. The best feature offered by this unit is its ability to do away with both black and greywater. This makes the model economical and prevents you from any additional investments. 

The Amarine-made toilet pump dumps your waste without any issues. It turns all waste into slurry quickly and offers users thermal protection. Our team recommends this macerator pump for its efficiency and durability. We love that it empties a 30-gallon tank in under three minutes and also delivers a 12 GPM for proper emptying of the container.

Key Features
  • 12V quick release
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Comes with thermal protection
  • Not a full kit
  • Brand Amarine-made
  • Model 5.80 Pounds

12ft Uplift

Thermal protection

Portable and flexible


Bare minimum

This model from Quick Release is highly functional in operation. It is straightforward to remove and attach, it can dump longer distances, and it can also connect to standard-sized waste outlets for better performance. It features an intermittent duty cycle and thermally-protected motor that operates powerfully without any fault.

The Quick Release pump system for RVs handles both grey and black water effortlessly. It makes use of a self-priming macerator pump. The housing of this macerator pump unit permits secure and swift connection to standard-sized waste outlets to enhance the performance of your pump.

Key Features
  • Easily attached and removed
  • Connects to standard 3" RV waste outlet
  • Ability to dump longer distances
  • Intermittent Duty Cycle
  • Brand SewerFlo
  • Model MP1-120-01
  • Weight 6.38 pounds


It can efficiently manage black and gray tanks

Good pricing


Customer service needs improving

Longer wires required

Not all macerator models come as full kits, but many of them deliver their promised function of transforming your waste into slurry for easy and quick disposal. One such brand is Shurflo, and it has come up with a very innovative macerator pump for use in RVs. This macerating toilet doesn’t come as a set, but it is very efficient. Concerning pricing, the Shurflo brand is known to deliver some of the most affordable units on the market, which caters for different budgets, big and small. We love its pump system not only because of its affordability but also because of its efficiency and user-friendliness.

The Shurflo pump is straightforward to operate. It comes with a one-year warranty that allows you to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the service provided. Once this unit is in operation, you’re guaranteed both ignition and thermal protection. It operates using the run dry feature, which isn’t typical among macerator models.

Key Features
  • Backed up by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Thermal and ignition protection
  • Easy to operate and efficient
  • Brand SHURFLO
  • Model 3200-001
  • Weight 3 pounds

Good pricing

Comes with a one-year warranty

Offers run dry capabilities


Durability issues

The Clean Dump Macerator System is well designed and is an excellent RV partner for all your waste. This macerator system features all the necessities required for efficient waste disposals, such as the alligator chips and hose. It doesn’t make use of gravity, but the product can pump your waste uphill up to 150 feet.

This RV macerator system from Clean Pump works efficiently thanks to its durable stainless steel structure. The same material is used for the pumps shaft, which enhances its performance and also extends the durability of the model. It can also withstand high levels of pressure. This pump system comes as a complete kit, which is one of the many reasons we recommend it.

Key Features
  • Can withstand high pressure levels
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • You can pump your waste uphill up to 150 ft
  • Brand Clean Dump
  • Model 13 pounds
  • Weight CDTO

Shaft is stainless steel

Comes fully equipped

Very durable and efficient product


A little pricey

Hose is a bit short at ten feet

The Flojet RV Waste Pump is a carefully designed unit well suited for recreational vehicles. This model is one of many products manufactured by the Flojet company, a leading manufacturer in the industry. We love that this unit is portable as it makes it the ideal unit for those who are still on the move. It is very straightforward to use; thus, you don’t require the skills of specialized personnel. 

The Flojet toilet pump empties all the black and grey holding tanks efficiently and clears up to 30 gallons of waste in under three minutes. Such speed and efficiency are tough to come by; thus; we recommend this unit for your vehicle. The Flojet pump has several advanced features when compared to other competing brands. For instance, this unit features a rating of 13 GPM, which is up to three times higher than that of rival products on the market. With this pump, you can pump your waste uphill or around the corners of your RV.

Key Features
  • Rated at 13 GPM
  • Can pump uphill
  • Can pump around corners
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Brand Flojet
  • Model 18555-000A
  • Weight 8.88 Pounds


Quick installation



Issues with the pump cutting off frequently

Can be a bit pricey

This model is a part of the 189590 series, which is effective, efficient, and durable. This is a self-priming, waste evacuation system that is designed to empty marine holding tanks. When it is not in a restricted discharge area, the Jabsco pump is ideal for use for Livewell receptacles and fish boxes. In less than three minutes, this unit empties a typical 30-gallon container of waste quietly thanks to its silent motor unit.

This pump features a run-dry protection system, which is gradually gaining popularity in the industry. It allows your motor to shut down when the tank containing waste is empty, protecting your powerful engine from damage and also helping you to conserve energy. After each pump out, users are advised to flush their holding tanks with gallons of water as this will reduce the probability of sediment build-up. The Jabsco macerator rv macerator pump is a well-designed system that is well suited for all RVs and camping sites. It is economically friendly and highly efficient.

Key Features
  • 30 gallon (115 Liter) holding the tank
  • Run-dry protection device
  • Permanent magnet type motor
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Brand Jabsco
  • Model 18590-2092
  • Weight 5.30 Pounds

Affordable price

Stainless steel

Offers run-dry protection


Reports of the interior bolts corroding too quickly

A little noisey

The Flojet GPM Macerator Pump is a unique unit designed and built by  professionals in the industry. This particular unit was created to eliminate waste effortlessly. Its features make it the top pick among many competing models in its category. 

We love the Flojet GPM rv macerator pump for many reasons. First, this pump system is both practical and efficient. It operates in under three minutes, dispelling up to 30 gallons of waste without any issues. This is an enormous waste pump system that is well suited for use in any RV park and camping site.

With this unit in your RV, your black and grey water disposal is taken care of and you have nothing to worry about. The best feature of this portable macerator pump is its dry run protection system. This is a system that stops your monitor from running when there’s no waste in your tank for emptying. This saves you more energy and protects your pump from damage. 

Key Features
  • Portable and lightweight
  • handheld remote on and off switch
  • Can be used for bothblack and grey tanks
  • Has dry protection for up to 30 seconds
  • Brand Flojet
  • Model 18550000A
  • Weight 2.27 pounds

Easy to install

Affordablly priced

Offers a run-dry orotection system


Pump frequently disconnects

The Thetford Toilet Discharge Pump was designed to be efficient and durable and is meant to perform for an extended period. This pump system is highly trusted by users and is used in conjunction with other products, such as camping systems and gear. 

The Thetford macerating toilet operates with 12V and can be operated with your car battery. Every part is built with high-quality materials, which enhance durability and ensure the longevity of the unit. We love that this macerator pump makes use of state-of-the-art technology as this allows it to withstand regular or intense pressure exerted on it by owners. The best feature this pump possesses is probably its price, which means that many more potential buyers can purchase it without burning through their pockets.

Key Features
  • Premium materials
  • Easy to use
  • Designed and built to match your requirements
  • Made by a top brand
  • Brand Thetford
  • Model 38056
  • Weight 7 pounds

9ft Uplift

Inlet Hose

Quick Release


Breaks Easily

Doesn’t Include hose or other parts

Every item Sealand uses undergoes serious scrutiny and inspections to ensure it is user-friendly and safe for use. One such pump is the Sealand T-series Sanipump macerator. This is a unique and modern pump designed for your RV.

The Sanipump macerator pump meets industry standards and has a quiet operation. This unit can run dry without any issues unlike impeller-type macerator pumps. Besides being quiet, the Sealand pump also produces no odor during its operation; thus, you’re assured of top-notch performance wherever you move with your recreational vehicle.

This unit features an anti-clogging feature that prevents clogs and a four-blade design for natural disintegration of waste. Make use of the Sanipump and enjoy its many benefits for your RV. This unit has many features that are highly innovative at a price that many RV owners can afford.

Key Features
  • The pump can run dry without damage
  • Draws only six amps at 12 volts DC
  • Self-priming up to ten feet
  • No odors from the pump
  • Brand Sealand
  • Model 317301200
  • Weight 8.10 Pounds

12 gallons of waste per minute

Easy installation



Extremely loud

Doesn’t have an anti-clogging feature

The New Seaflo Macerator Pump System is part of the brand’s Marine 01 Series; thus, it possesses many highly innovative features that make it stand out from the crowd. For maximum and excellent operation, this unit features an improved motor that works better than that of the preceding model.

The Seaflo pump system allows the owner of the pump to forget about clogs thanks to its anti-clogging feature. This feature dislodges clogs via the pump without removing the hoses. Another feature we love is its triple-sealed system on the motor, which prevents exterior and interior damage. To quicken the entire dumping process and ultimately eliminate clogs, this macerator pump features a chopping design with four blades that makes it well worth your investment.

Key Features
  • Thermally protected
  • Capacity: 12 gallons per minute
  • Approvals: CE, ISO9001:2008, RoHS
  • Impeller design
  • Brand SEAFLO
  • Model SFMP1-120-01
  • Weight 5.65 Pounds

Reduces clogs thanks to a four-blade design

Affordably priced

Offers run-dry capabilities


Pumping uphill might be an issue

Best RV Macerator Pump Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for When Buying an RV Macerator Pump

When selecting the perfect RV macerator pump, some vital factors need consideration. These factors determine the durability and efficiency of your unit and also prevent you from making a bad investment.

  • Installation

Is your preferred macerator pump easy to install? This is a vital question that  needs to be answered before purchase. To find answers, you can refer to user reviews and also read the product details which spell out how installation works.

  • Uphill Pumping

One great function your RV macerator pump should have is uphill pumping; this makes for a great pump unit. This feature allows you to empty your waste anywhere and at any time without any issues.

  • Extra features

Besides the regular, fixed features of every macerator pump, your chosen unit should come with some additional features that will allow it to stand out from the crowd. Some of such features include a water cleanout system, which helps clear all slurry after your container is emptied.

  • Price

When on the hunt for the best RV macerator pump, you’re advised to look for models within your budget. Having a budget will make your selection process easier, as it helps streamline your choices. Research into the features of different models within your price range and choose the one that offers you more service.

Why You Should Use an RV Macerator Pump

– Macerator RV pumps are a great alternative to dumping stations. These units offer you other waste removing methods which are easier and quicker. They grind your waste, which allows the waste moves through sewers and other drainage systems they wouldn’t have been able to before.

– Another reason why we recommend RV pumps for waste removal is that they help dispel the awful smell often associated with waste. This is possible because the unit features a smaller hose. Such an addition is a great feature that not many units possess.

– The final benefit from Rv macerator pumps is that these units are nice to have around, especially if you’re planning on camping and going on adventures often. They are a great alternative to sewer access and dumping stations.

Types Of RV Macerator Pumps

  • Portable RV Pumps

A portable RV macerator pump is an ideal unit for RVs that come with their built-in macerator. They are also the best option for those with no designated pump unit in their RV, as it is portable and can be transported around.

  • Permanent RV Macerator

This is a more solid option which is well suited for RVs with an area designed for the pumps. It is more expensive than the portable unit and is also heavier and bulkier.

  • 110V macerator Pumps

The final type of macerator pumps in this article is the 110V pump. This is the best option if the first two are too time-consuming. This macerator system is costly; however, thus, you need to check your budget before making a purchase.

How to Install an RV Macerator Pump

Turn off the power to your Rv. Fit your pump together as per instructions from the manufacturer before installing the pump. Installation should be done between the holding tank connection and the shut-off valve. Ensure that all screws are tightly fixed and that the tube fitted is clamped tightly.

Best RV Macerator Pump FAQ:

Q: What is an RV macerator pump, and how does it work?

An RV macerator pump is a system that can be likened to your everyday kitchen disposal unit. It crushes and disposes of waste via its connection to your waste outlet. It then dispels all grey and black waste into a sewer..

Q: How far can a macerator pump?

The pump of a macerator system can reach a wide range of distances, but its potential usually depends the model or brand used. Great brands are known to go longer distances, while others don’t. There are some fantastic models which go as far as 150 feet; thus, you need to see the range you require, before making a purchase.

Q: What kind of hose should I use for macerator pump?

You can use different kinds of hoses for your macerator pump. There are some older models that use sewer hoses, while newer models allow you to make use of simple garden hoses. These units need to be designed exclusively and specifically for use with the macerator and discharge pump.

Q: How do I use an RV macerator pump?

RV macerator pumps operate with a motor that drives the entire unit. The pump then crushes all the waste into small pieces which are then transported to any septic or sewer system of your choice.

Q: How do I maintain my RV macerator pump?

One task you can never avoid, if you own a macerator pump is maintenance. This is required if you wish to make use of your pump for a more extended period, without any issues. Support includes cleaning and replacing the motor of your unit. Cleaning the pump should start from the tube. It must be done with soapy water. Place the container into the bucket of soapy water and leave it to cleanse for some hours. The blades of your pump should also be kept clean at all times.

Our Top Pick

The Amarine-made macerator pump is our number-one pick. It is one of the best waste evacuation units available as it features many exciting and effective features for optimal performance. It comes with a three-minute operation limit, during which up to 30 gallons of waste are dispelled. You will love how durable and efficient this unit is.

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