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RV patio mats keep your site clean and comfy and enhance the camping experience.

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Best RV Patio Mats: Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home | Autance © Best RV Patio Mats: Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home | Autance
Best Overall CGear RV Comfort Mat CGear RV Comfort Mat

Originally designed for helicopter landings, this mat lets dust and dirt fall through and not come back

  • Military-grade tech
  • Heavy-duty tie-down rings
  • Extra durable
  • Only offered in bright colors
  • Can stay wrinkled for long periods
  • Sand sticks to the bottom when it’s wet
Best Value EZ Travel Collection Reversible RV Outdoor Rug EZ Travel Collection Reversible RV Outdoor Rug

This patio mat comes with a storage bag as well as stakes and washers, so you don’t need to by any more accessories

  • Comes with stakes and bag
  • Waterproof
  • Reversible for two looks
  • Only has four stakes, might need more in high winds
  • Weave can trap furniture legs
  • Few color choices
Premium Pick Stylish Camping LED Illuminated Patio Mat Stylish Camping LED Illuminated Patio Mat

This mat has a ring of LED lights around the edge so you don’t get lost in the dark.

  • LED light border
  • Protects grass
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Needs to be connected to 120V plug
  • Can get torn by sharp-edged furniture
  • Stubborn creases when folded for storage

Mud, wet grass, leaves, rocks, sand — they’re all the kind of things that turn your RV campsite into an unpleasant mess. With an RV patio mat, you can turn your sorry surface into a much nicer place to camp. A soft floor is easier on your feet, sweeping debris away is easier, and keeps your campers feet from tracking mud across your site and into your RV. Here are some of the best RV patio mats around, ready to make your next camping experience a better one.

Best RV Patio Mats Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

CGear’s mats were originally designed to make a safe landing mat for military and civilian helicopters. Meant to keep dust and dirt from being blown back up into the engine of the helicopter, these mats make sure sand and dirt fall through and stay fallen through the cracks. We don’t expect you to land on your mat in the DMZ, but that dual-layer technology works just as well to keep you sand-free when camping in the desert or at the beach.

The sturdy weave is designed for the weight of small aircraft, so lawn chairs and tables are no match for these mats. The mats come in three sizes to suit your RV size and needs and the largest weighs in at 21 pounds, helping to keep it in place when the wind picks up. While many RV mats stay rolled or folded when you first take them out of the bag, this mat will just flop down and then stay in place. It is also UV-resistant to avoid fading and add durability. This mat also comes with heavy-duty D rings and grommets to let you stake or tie it down in heavy winds.

  • Brand CGear
  • Model Comfort Mat Sand Free RV
  • Weight 21 pounds

Military-grade sand-free tech


Heavy-duty “D” rings


Sand sticks to the bottom when wet

Offered only in bright blue colors

Can stay wrinkled for extended periods

This all-weather outdoor rug from EZ Travel is made from polypropylene plastic weaving. Protected against damage and fading from UV rays, this is a material that should last through all that the outdoors has to offer. Because this plastic product is non-porous, it is easy to clean, even when muddy. It should also resist staining when spills and other messes arrive on site and should also be easy to fold or roll-up when you’re ready to go home after that long weekend, drying quickly to help prevent mold or mildew.

The weave of the mat lets water pass through as well as air, working to keep your feet dry, but also to make sure that the grass isn’t killed or turned to mush under your feet. That’s a plus if you’re at a campground for an extended period. This mat also comes with reinforced looped grommets at each corner. Those work with the included stakes and washers so that you can stake your camping claim and not worry when the wind picks up. A secure RV patio mat is a safer patio mat, too, because it makes tripping over loose edges less likely. When you’re done camping, the included carry bag makes storage of your mat and stakes easier.

  • Brand EZ Travel Collection
  • Model Green Wave
  • Weight 5 pounds

Reversible for two looks


Includes grommets, stakes, and bag


Only four stakes, so may not withstand high winds

Weave can catch furniture

Small color choice

Best for Late Night Parties

At a campground that doesn’t have quiet hours after dark or camping on your own site and don’t feel like calling it a night when the moon shows up to work? This mat offers a ring of LED lights around each edge that plugs into 120V power and helps make sure you can see what you’re doing after dark. Whether it’s mood lighting for a party, or just to help make sure you can find your way back from the games room, the bright LEDs offer improved visibility without casting shadows or glare.

The mat itself is made with a lightweight, durable, and smooth polypropylene material. It’s also reversible, letting you pick from two designs with the same mat or flipping for even wear. The woven structure helps ensure airflow that protects from mold and mildew as well as reducing the impact to the grass underneath. UV-coated to protect from sun damage, the mat can be cleaned by sweeping or wiping with a damp cloth before folding up for easy storage.

  • Brand Stylish Camping
  • Model L15181WL
  • Weight 14.4 pounds

LED light border

Helps protect grass

Reversible with two patterns


Needs a 120V plug

Can be torn by furniture with sharp edges

Creases from folding can be stubborn

Best For Greener Camping

This is one of the very few choices for anyone who wants an eco-friendly mat. Fab Habitat’s patio mats are made from recycled single-use plastic straws, which is then woven by hand by trained artisans instead of an entirely machine-driven process. The materials used contain no latex or flame retardants, a big plus for anyone with latex allergies or other chemical sensitivities. They are UV-resistant, so they can withstand harsh sun, nor fade, nor stain your deck, and they won’t damage your grass. The company says that it follows fair trade principles to ensure the treatment of workers.

The mats come with a one-year warranty against sun damage and washing is simple, just shake off a dry mat or use water and a mild detergent to remove dirt that won’t come off in the rain. The mats are offered in a wide range of sizes, though with the largest at 8 x 10, it may not be big enough for all campers. Because these are hand-made, each rug is slightly different, making yours unique. Because this mat can be slippery, the manufacturer recommends using a skid mat underneath.

  • Brand Fab Habitat
  • Model 194771095218
  • Weight 7 pounds

Made from recycled plastic

Handmade for uniqueness

One-year warranty


Requires a skid mat on some surfaces

Limited sizes

Edges can be fragile

Best For Campers Who Don’t Want a Mat

RV patio mats tend to be bright and colorful, loaded with patterns. We understand that not everyone wants their mat to make a statement. Instead, they just want the benefits of keeping their furniture and feet off of the grass as well as keeping the grass and mud out of the camper. This mat is made from artificial turf, so it looks like grass. It won’t blend in perfectly with all lawns, but it will always look more subdued.

If you’re at a site that is dirt or rock, this grass mat will give you the softer feel of turf and let you walk around barefoot more comfortably. It has finished edges all the way around for durability. It is made from UV-resistant marine-grade materials so you won’t end up with a faded-looking fake lawn and it’s easy to clean, and it has rust-resistant grommets to let you secure it to the ground and protect from wind.

  • Brand Prest-o-Fit
  • Model 2-0170
  • Weight 16.46 pounds

Doesn’t stand out

Protects against tracked-in dirt

Gives you a grass-like surface even in the desert


Extended use will likely kill grass underneath

Spills won’t drain through like a woven mat

Pets might take advantage of the new grass

How We Selected RV Patio Mats 

When picking the best RV patio mats, we look at durability and easy cleanup. We know you want a mat you can rely on season after season. We also know that you have enough cleaning to do every time you use your RV and don’t want to add to that list. But just as important are the features of the mat — how it works to make your experience more comfortable and doesn’t add to your problems. Lastly, we know that looks are important, so have put an emphasis on mats that look good rather than shout across the campground.

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What to Look For 

When you’re looking for a mat, your two biggest choices are going to be the look of the mat and the size. Most mats are made from similar plastics, but we’ve identified some that we think offer appealing different materials, including recycled. Here are some of the things to consider when buying an RV patio mat.

What to Consider When Buying RV Patio Mats

Types of RV Patio Mat


You don’t want to end up with a mat that crumbles after a few outings. You also don’t want it to fade and start to look old, even before it is. Look for mats that are resistant to UV rays, since those rays from the sun play a big part in fading and breakdown.

Mold and mildew resistance is also important, for durability and for your health. It also helps make sure that the rug isn’t damp all the time, making it unpleasant to use.


Most outdoor mats are made from polypropylene or similar plastics. Though they’re the same material, there are different grades. Not all are UV-resistant,  and some will break down more quickly. Look for a long warranty, which is a sign that higher-grade materials have been used.

We’ve also found a mat that uses recycled plastics. Recycled materials are better for the environment, something that is important to many campers, helping reduce landfill waste and reducing carbon emissions.


Every camper is different, which means your patio mat needs are too. Camping solo with one chair? A 4 x 6 mat might be enough for you. Arriving in a 50-foot rig with two doors and bringing the whole family along? Then you’re going to want a much larger mat — maybe even one for each door

RV Patio Mat Key Features


It doesn’t matter what your mat looks like if you don’t like it, making the design one of the key features. Whatever you want, go for it. Match your RV’s paint? Perfect. Something a little tacky? Do your thing!

Your RV patio mat says something to everyone who comes near your site. Make sure it’s saying something about you and delivering the message you want.

Easy Cleanup

An RV mat that holds dirt, mud, and other debris on top is practically useless. You want one that lets dirt and sand fall through and keeps the rest on the top. 

Then you want that mat to be easy to wipe or clean, letting you get packed up and ready to go in a hurry.

Mildew Resistance

Your patio mat will spend its life outside. In most areas, that means it will get rained on. Frequently.

If the mat absorbs water and doesn’t dry, it can quickly become covered with mold and mildew. At that point, you’re in for some scrubbing — or a walk to the garbage bin.


Q: What is the difference between an indoor rug and a patio rug?

The rug sitting in the entryway to your house looks great, but it’s made of materials meant to live life indoors. Put it on grass and in the rain and it will quickly fall apart. RV patio mats are more durable and made from materials designed to live outdoors.

Q: How do I clean an RV patio mat?

It’s as simple as leaving it out in the rain. A broom or a shake gets rid of dry dirt and sand, and for bigger spills, some soap and water and a wipe are all you need.

Q: How do I store my RV patio mat?

If you’re going to store the mat for more than a day or so, make sure it is dry first. Otherwise, just roll it up or fold it and toss it in your RV storage locker. If your mat doesn’t have a storage bag, a short bungee cord or elastic strap can keep it rolled when you drive

Final Thoughts

We picked the CGear RV Comfort Mat as the best mat overall because it is durable enough to land a helicopter while trapping dirt and sand well enough to — you guessed it — land a helicopter. It’s going to keep your feet sand-free, and that turns up the luxury of camping.

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