Same Game, Different Name: Quattro GmbH is now Audi Sport

Now you don’t have to have guess what the acronym stands for.

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Same Game, Different Name: Quattro GmbH is now Audi Sport © Same Game, Different Name: Quattro GmbH is now Audi Sport

Audi, as you know, produces many, many fast sedans/hatchbacks/rockets. These cars have always went under the “Quattro” mantra, revealing their sporty identity as well as their AWD layout; however, this caused a bit of confusion. Audi adorned each all-wheel drive car with this badge, leading to a puzzling situation when trying to distinguish the meaning of the title. They’ve since done away with the commotion by changing the name of the performance model group to Audi Sport.

The German company is one that is constantly evolving. New models are being released in all forms; electric, gasoline, civilian, and performance types alike. Award winners like the R8 V10, RS 3, and TT RS all fall under the brand’s performance subsidiary, so the name change only makes sense. With 8 new models scheduled for public debut in the next year and a half, this will make it a bit easier to differentiate. Demand is so high, in fact, that Audi plans to add 230 specialized dealerships for the sole purpose of performance vehicles.

The products, however, will continue on with the same ethos. Don’t expect to see anything less than blistering fast from Audi Sport, the same company that makes luxury sedans like the RS 7 bolt to 60 in 3.3 seconds. With the company’s ties to its sister manufacturers Lamborghini and Bugatti, they’ve got the know-how to compete in the winners’ circle, that’s for sure. Management will remain the same, so we can anticipate a uniform type of leadership that brought us such astonishing feats.

Although the old name is reminiscent of rally heroes and legendary sports cars, we’re glad to see the company’s mission stay consistent. After all, they still have five-cylinder heroes that you don’t get anywhere else. So, Audi Sport, keep up the good work and tingly feelings, and you’ll just be fine. And that’s coming from a traditional fan.

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