Tesla Cybertruck Will Get Rear-Wheel Steering, Musk Says

The claim comes from a recent Twitter post from the Tesla CEO.

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Tesla Cybertruck Will Get Rear-Wheel Steering, Musk Says © Tesla Cybertruck Will Get Rear-Wheel Steering, Musk Says

The Tesla Cybertruck has been a polarizing vehicle since it was first revealed back in 2019. Known for its distinctive angular styling, shattering windows, and  stainless steel exterior, it's drawn great admiration from its fans and ridicule from its detractors. We've heard precious little about the upcoming vehicle since then. However, in response to a question on Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shed a little light on the project.

While it's important to take anything you read on Twitter with a grain of salt, Musk nevertheless shared some interesting details. The new Cybertruck is reportedly set to ship with rear-wheel steering, which should provide it with some additional maneuverability in tight spots. Musk also claimed that the Cybertruck will be "almost exactly what was shown." The latter statement is likely in response to many who have claimed that the daring design will never enter production in its original form. 


The rear-wheel steering feature may have been inspired by the Crab Walk mode of the upcoming GMC Hummer EV. That feature allows the Hummer to pivot the rear wheels up to 10 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels, allowing for diagonal movement. The maneuver is intended to be useful when navigating tight off-road trails, though the rear-wheel steering also provides the vehicle with a much tighter turning circle than its size would otherwise suggest. The Hummer EV, when equipped with the system, has a smaller turning radius than a Chevrolet Spark.  

Interesting steering features are becoming a thing in the electric pickup space. The Rivian R1T, for example, has an individual motor driving each wheel, the is capable of literally spinning on the spot with its "Tank Turn" feature. It's something intended solely for off-road use, as executing such a maneuver on a sealed surface will excessively wear the tires. 

Whether or not the feature actually ships will be borne out in time; it wouldn't be the first time the electric automaker cancelled something on a whim. If the Cybertruck does indeed get rear-wheel steering, however, expect plenty of videos of tight-radius donuts from yelping influencers on YouTube. 

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