The 2023 BMW M2 CS Might Be the Best BMW Ever | Autance

The final 2-Series coupe of this generation will be the stuff of legends.

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The 2023 BMW M2 CS Might Be the Best BMW Ever | Autance © The 2023 BMW M2 CS Might Be the Best BMW Ever | Autance

When I was given the opportunity to review the 2021 BMW M2 CS over the course of a week without any kind of mileage restriction, I never clicked reply and spastically typed out something to the degree of “yes please as soonas possible please!!1

  • Car(s): 2021 BMW M2 CS
  • Location: Malibu, CA
  • Photog: Peter Nelson (IG + Twitter: @16vPete)
  • Camera: Canon 6D, EF 35-70 3.5 AF lens

I’m thoroughly in love with the look of the M2. Its beautiful, muscular figure, wide fenders, carbon fiber accents, short wheelbase, pilsner-gold wheels, bright blue color -this thing is by far the best-looking BMW on sale today. It’s up there with all the Bavarian brand’s greats, too; the M1, E30 M3, E31 850Ci, E46 M3 GTR, etc.

It’s as wonderful to drive as it is to look at, too. The M4 Competition-sourced twin-turbo, S55 inline-six screams up to redline as it shoves every single one of its 444 horsepowers through the drivetrain. There’s enough discernibility in the powerband to feel when the turbos start to lend a hand, too, which to me is crucially a part of the experience. No matter the combination of suspension, engine, steering, and DCT transmission modes, its gobs of fun to rip around city streets in, blast through a fun succession of canyon road corners, and generally just act like a total jackass. Its deep baritone growl absolutely never gets old, either.

As of this writing I’ve still got a few days left with it. I really need to take advantage of my limitless loan and rip through all of my favorite SoCal mountain roads before time runs out.

Here’s another:

Image: Peter Nelson
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