The 702-HP Ram TRX Makes a Horrible Plow Truck

Hey, at least the frame didn’t crack.

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The 702-HP Ram TRX Makes a Horrible Plow Truck © The 702-HP Ram TRX Makes a Horrible Plow Truck

Just because the 702-horsepower Ram TRX is great at hauling you-know-what across the desert doesn't mean it can haul literal tons of salt in a snowstorm. If you need proof, just look at these pictures of one loaded to its gills with a plow on the front. The poor super pickup is riding on its bump stops, begging for mercy, but that didn't stop the driver from hitting the interstate during the Midwest's deep freeze this past week.

This amusing setup was first shared in the Overloaded Facebook group, and the original poster claims he spotted it on the interstate around Springfield, Missouri. In case you didn't know, high-speed off-roaders like the TRX aren't meant for this type of work. Its softly tuned suspension is meant for soaking up bumps at wide-open throttle rather than supporting hefty pieces of equipment. Officially, this Ram has a max payload rating of 1,310 pounds, which would be enough if the spreader were empty. Clearly, though, it's not.

The Helixx SnowEx unit in question looks to be a 11900 model or similar, which weighs right around 500 pounds on its own. Its listed max capacity is 3,120 pounds and judging by the salt falling out the sides despite the spill guards, this guy might have been carrying more than that. Factor in the plow that's mounted up front—which still counts toward the truck's payload—and this TRX is likely well past double its rated capacity.

We've seen this end poorly for more than a few pickup owners over the years. It's true that some trucks are slightly underrated for the sake of safety, but this is way outside the buffer. It's tough to know how much weight the TRX is carrying exactly, though you can bet it'd be better off in the bed of a one-ton truck.

Even though the pickup seems to have survived this time, I wouldn't test fate much more if I were the owner here. We know what happens when the limits of even more capable trucks are exceeded for thousands of miles. Needless to say, it isn't pretty, though it does make for some viral Facebook posts.

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