The $85,000, Fully-Electric Porsche Mission E Will Arrive in 2019

Porsche’s only electric performance car takes its first steps into the production phase.

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The $85,000, Fully-Electric Porsche Mission E Will Arrive in 2019 © The $85,000, Fully-Electric Porsche Mission E Will Arrive in 2019

When the Porsche Mission E concept debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2015, its performance numbers seemed too good to be true. A track-ready, fast-charging performance sedan to rival the once-dominant Tesla Model S wasn't really feasible a few years ago, but with more companies switching to electric technology for better performance, Porsche's ambitious concept is far more real in 2017. Rumors have been swirling around the concept car since its unveiling, but Porsche is finally back this year at Frankfurt to clear the air (literally). Based on the iconic 919 Hybrid race car, Porsche's first-ever EV promises top-tier range, luxury, and performance for a reasonable price.

According to CAR, the Mission E is expected to go into production late 2019, and is the first of many electric cars Porsche has planned. The car will start at $85,000, situating it at a perfect price point between the updated Panamera and 911. Porsche will reportedly offer multiple performance variants of the Mission E, with 911-inspired designations like "S" and "GTS".

Porsche says that the production Mission E will remain as true as possible to the 2015 concept, so promised features such as the 300-mile range and 15-minute fast-charging are staying. The 4-seater accelerates from 0-60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds, and rockets past 155 MPH in CAR's telling. The Mission E will of course feature many of Porsche's best technologies like 4-wheel steering and gesture control, adding to its futuristic vibe. 

While the Mission E could be a revolutionary car on its own, it's already a huge boon for Porsche, as the production will add over 1,000 jobs to the company's primary plant in Stuttgart.

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