The Baby Driver WRX Ended Up Selling for $69,100

$69,100!? It’s just a RWD Subaru WRX.

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The Baby Driver WRX Ended Up Selling for $69,100 © The Baby Driver WRX Ended Up Selling for $69,100

Earlier this past week we broke the news that one of the stunt vehicles from the movie Baby Driver, a rear wheel drive Subaru WRX, was up for auction on eBay. By the time of the the articles posting the WRX was up to the price of a new WRX, a $10,000 mark up just because it was in the movie. 

Well the bidding kept on going and the WRX ended up being sold for $69,100. According to the listing, 71 bidders attempted to get in on the Subaru star cars sale which jumped from the 29 bids the car had at the time of our article. $69,100 is crazy money for a near decade old Subaru. That is over $40,000 more than the price of a brand new Subaru WRX. 

There are plenty of other Subaru related purchases one could make with $69,100. If you bleed Subaru you could almost buy three brand new Subaru WRX's for the price of this one Baby Driver car. If you wanted something really cool you could purchase this Dirtfish prepped rally ready 2008 Subaru WRX STI Rally Car for $45,000 and have near $25,000 left over for a nice new daily driver.

Almost all of the inflated cost is attributed to its use in Baby Driver and I get that being in a movie adds a certain celebrity status to the car, but you are paying $50,000 over what the car is worth for something that can really only be known through you telling people where the car is from at Cars & Coffee. I suppose you could put decals all over it "THIS CAR WAS IN BABY DRIVER!", but no one will believe you anyway and you will have to provide documentation proving so to every car event you attend.

If you are the winning bidder (or know the bidder), reach out we would love to hear your thoughts and what you plan to do with the car.

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