The Drive-In: Come Chat and Help Us Close Down 2022

As 2022 draws to an end, come chat with the staff of The Drive about whatever you like. Seriously—the floor is yours.

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The Drive-In: Come Chat and Help Us Close Down 2022 © The Drive-In: Come Chat and Help Us Close Down 2022

Citizens! As we're winding down operations for the rest of the year here at The Drive before the staff takes its well-deserved holiday break, we thought a nice way to close everything out would be to hear from you. Whether you're already on break or at your computer, bumping the mouse, and pretending to work, let's chat. Nobody's actually doing anything of value right now anyway.

What should we chat about? Anything you want. I merely chose that top photo of the 2006 GeigerCars Christmas Edition Hummer H2 as a conversation starter. The energy was just too spectacular to pass up. The mid-aughts were truly a wild time.

Myself, I'm looking forward to heading back to my parents' house and finishing up my re-read of Christopher Paolini's The Inheritance Cycle tetralogy. Dragons, elves, magic, sword fighting—it's the shit. I love a good high fantasy series. While I'm doing that, I also plan on chipping away at the mountain of booze we brought home from my brother's wedding. It's all White Claws and Coronas, so I'm quite excited. Look, I never said I was a class act.

What are your plans? Are you staying home or traveling? What are some of your holiday traditions? What are you looking forward to eating the most? Do you want to tell us a secret that no one else knows? (Please, yes. The internet grants you anonymity.) Hop in the comments; we're here for ya.

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