The Earthroamer SX Is a $1M Chevy Silverado Overland Rig on 43s

It’s 12 feet tall and 34 feet long, making the massive Goodyears look normal.

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The Earthroamer SX Is a $1M Chevy Silverado Overland Rig on 43s © The Earthroamer SX Is a $1M Chevy Silverado Overland Rig on 43s

It's tempting to pack everything up these days and live on the road. That's what started the van life craze, which was once budget-friendly but is now ruled by $100,000 Sprinter vans and YouTube. The idea of actually living in a van is still too basic for some, and I guess that's who the seven-figure Earthroamer SX is for.

It's built on a medium-duty Chevy Silverado, which gets a 6.6-liter L5P Duramax diesel making 350 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. Power travels through a six-speed Allison automatic and eventually reaches all four Goodyear tires that measure 43 inches apiece. The rig's carbon fiber body is constructed with a vacuum infusion process that bonds two skins to a structural core made of foam, helping it slide under its listed GVWR of 23,500 pounds. There's no listed weight for the Earthroamer SX, though it likely varies depending on which of the four floor plans you pick.

With a truck this big that's meant to go anywhere, the suspension has to be up to task. That's why Earthroamer custom builds its own setups with King shocks and sway bars as well as air ride that can lift and lower each wheel or axle independently. Importantly, this can help level the rig out when you stay overnight on an incline. Then, if you wake up to find you forgot to put it in park, you'll be happy to know there are 16,500-pound winches front and back with synthetic rope for a safe recovery. Nice!

The Earthroamer SX can carry 100 gallons of diesel, 120 gallons of fresh water, and 55 gallons of grey water, but you'd be wise not to have every tank filled when crawling through a rock field. With 12 inches of ground clearance, the 4x4 can go over some decent-sized obstacles—just make sure to scout the trail before you go. It's a full 12 feet tall, eight feet wide, and 34 feet long.

Its size is most appreciated when it's sitting still. Anyone 7-foot-3 and under can stand straight up in the camper, but to enjoy the shower, you need to be 6-foot-8 or less. That'll be alright for most folks, as will the Scheel-Mann Orthopedic seats in the cab. In all, it's still an extremely comfy RV with 1,600 watts of onboard solar capability, along with a 7,000-watt inverter charger. A 12.1-inch touch screen serves as the control panel for most of these features.

If this all sounds good to you, then now's the time to plop down the required $125,000 deposit. That claims your spot in line and solidifies a build date after you've signed a sales agreement, which puts you on the hook for at least $995,000. Earthroamer explains that a well-equipped SX costs between $1,050,000 and $1,100,000.

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