The Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Is Coming on Jan. 5 at CES

Chevy’s answer to the electric F-150 Lightning is certainly going to be interesting.

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The Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Is Coming on Jan. 5 at CES © The Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Is Coming on Jan. 5 at CES

Following the first prototype drive of the Hummer EV pickup from anyone outside GM, the Detroit automaker is letting loose more exciting news: the electric Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck will be officially unveiled on Jan. 5, 2022, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Details of the truck have been hinted at before in brief press releases, however, now we know when all of these tiny bits of information (and more) will be officially presented to the public.

The news came as a part of a slew of other future-facing GM announcements and was presented alongside a teaser image of the truck's glass roof, a detail that had previously not been mentioned. Other features that we know will be featured on the truck include advanced four-wheel steering—similar to that found on the Hummer EV—and around 400 miles of range.

GM also confirmed a few other details in the release, which are small but noteworthy. First, the company has reiterated that the truck will be available in a fleet configuration, similar to Ford's F-150 Lightning. That version is unlikely to have the fancy glass roof or four-wheel steering given that it's optional equipment. Pricing has not been announced for any of the trims that may or may not include these features, however. That will likely come on when it's revealed.

The truck will sit on GM's Ultium platform, the same basic underpinnings used in the Hummer EV twins and the Cadillac Lyriq. So far, no Ultium-powered car has been unveiled with less than 300 miles of range, so the Silverado may end up going further on a charge than its competitor from the Blue Oval. Fleet vehicles will likely be optimized for low-cost running, though, so the range on the commercial version of the pickup could be lower to keep the MSRP low.

The electric Silverado is going to be built at the same plant as the Hummer EV; GM's "Factory Zero." It will almost certainly go on sale before 2025.

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