The F90 BMW M5 Is a Light in the Darkness That is BMW Design | Autance

BMW does aggressive styling well, and that’s apparent on the latest M5.

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The F90 BMW M5 Is a Light in the Darkness That is BMW Design | Autance © The F90 BMW M5 Is a Light in the Darkness That is BMW Design | Autance

The latest BMWs have a lot going for them regarding their looks and the vibes they exude. Whether or not you decide to overlook the fact that some of them look like angry sea lampreys, you can’t deny that they look aggressive.

Car: 2021 BMW M5 Competition
Location: Southern California
Photog: Peter Nelson (Instagram + Twitter: @16vPete)
Camera: Canon 6D + EF 35-85mm AF Zoom

BMW has always done this well. Seeing an E46 M3 raging up to your bumper in the far left lane is a menacing experience that would compel anybody to move over. The latest M8 truly looks like a monster in the rearview mirror, as well, and has the big V8 power and big coupe prowess to match. Once again, it’s best to just let them by.

The latest F90 BMW M5 Competition is no exception to this aura, and I think it’s all in the headlights. BMW give it a genuine angry and determined look, sort of like when you witness someone aggressively stomping toward another person with a rant locked and loaded. The M5’s headlights, combined with its low and wide figure and muscular lines throughout, especially on its hood, encompass all of this so well.

Now, if only left-lane hogs checked their rearview mirrors and obeyed the signs that state, “Slower traffic keep right.”

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