The GMC Hummer EV Pickup Will Weigh 9,046 Pounds: Report

That’s roughly 800 pounds more than a dually Chevy Silverado with 4WD.

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The GMC Hummer EV Pickup Will Weigh 9,046 Pounds: Report © The GMC Hummer EV Pickup Will Weigh 9,046 Pounds: Report

It's no secret that electric cars are heavy. Batteries just don't have the energy density of gasoline and you need a big pack to keep up with the range demands of consumers. Even the Chevy Bolt is relatively hefty for its size at 3,563 pounds, and the battery pack contributes nearly 1,000 pounds to that total.

When you have a heavier vehicle, you need more batteries to keep it going for a reasonable range, and that can snowball—such seems to be the case with the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. According to, the new electric truck weighs no less than 9,046 pounds, which would make it one of the heaviest passenger cars on the road.

Now, to be clear, this weight is being reported for the truck that's going to come out the soonest, the Edition 1 pickup. It's also the most powerful and expensive version of the vehicle with a $112,595 price tag, three electric motors, and 1,000 horsepower. Even with a weight reported at over 9,000 pounds, it's said to go zero to 60 in a genuinely impressive three seconds. 

The Hummer EV Edition 1 has a 200-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which is huge. For reference, the longest-range Tesla Model S has a battery pack half that size. Partially because of that extra weight, GM is still estimating ranges short of the Tesla's claimed 400+ miles. It's worth noting, though, that Tesla vehicles sometimes fail to meet their EPA ratings. The Detroit automaker claims a range of 350+ miles for the Hummer.

Other Ultium-equipped vehicles like the Cadillac Lyriq also have battery packs half the size at just 100 kWh, although their range isn't much lower. Cadillac says the Lyriq can be expected to travel 300 miles on a full charge all while weighing significantly less at 5,610 pounds. That's still a heavy vehicle, but nowhere near the astronomical 9,000-pound figure that's rumored for the Hummer. Good luck pulling this thing out of a ditch if this number is true.

This claim has been circulating elsewhere online, too. A user on the HummerChat forums is reporting the same number as well as a GVWR of 10,400 pounds, and it's been said before that the vehicle would span multiple classes due to its weight. Speaking to Muscle Cars and Trucks back in November of 2020, the project's lead development engineer Aaron Pfau the Hummer is "actually going to span a few different classes,” although he did not comment on which class the Edition 1 would end up in.

If the vehicle does have a GVWR of 10,400 lbs, that'd make it a Class 3 truck, with any subsequent lighter versions likely falling into the 2b class. For reference, a Class 3 truck is something like a Chevy Silverado 3500HD pickup or a Ford F-350 Super Duty.

We've reached out to GM to get official confirmation on that weight figure but have yet to hear back as of publishing. 

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