The GMC Hummer EV Will Have Legit Trailer Towing Tech

Better yet, it all comes standard on the Edition 1. We’ll just have to see how towing affects that estimated 350-mile driving range.

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The GMC Hummer EV Will Have Legit Trailer Towing Tech © The GMC Hummer EV Will Have Legit Trailer Towing Tech

General Motors has made sure to shout the upcoming Hummer EV's performance specs from on high—1,000 horsepower this, three-second zero-to-60 that—but what about towing? Nobody's going to buy a battery-powered supertruck for their dirt work business, though it's still a pickup. There's a real chance that some Hummer EV owners will need to pull a trailer from time to time, and it looks like GMC's got them covered in a few ways.

While we still don't know just how much the electric off-roader will be able to tow or haul in the bed, the GM Fleet Order Guide reveals a list of work-specific options. Along with the Hummer EV's ProGrade Trailering System that comes standard, there are separate lines for an integrated trailer brake controller, hitch guidance with hitch view, trailering assist guidelines, smart trailer integration indicator, and trailer side blind zone alert.


Sure, that sounds like car dealer mumbo jumbo, but it tells us that the Hummer EV will at least pack the standard truck tech we've come to expect from other GM pickups. 

When you're reversing to latch onto a trailer, the 13.4-inch infotainment display will help guide you. When you're driving through heavy traffic with a load on, the Hummer EV will tell you if a Corolla is beside your trailer in a blind spot. Oh, and better yet, it can control your smart travel trailer and power it on the go in case you want to turn on the air conditioning before arriving at a summer campsite. These are all features we've seen on the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado, but it's good to know the Hummer EV will have them too, especially considering its six-figure MSRP.

GM Fleet Order Guide

Of course, these gadgets won't mean much if towing cuts the truck's driving range by more than half. We're yet to really see how EVs do with a significant amount of weight behind them, and although towing definitely affects fuel mileage for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles, they can refuel in a hurry. The Hummer EV already has 9,000 pounds or so to lug around; additionally, the country doesn't have the infrastructure to provide DC fast chargers along multi-state routes.

To compete with its performance truck rivals, the Ford Raptor and Ram TRX, the Hummer EV will need to have a max tow capacity of at least 8,000 pounds. Keep in mind that it'll have something the others, don't though: GM's Super Cruise driving system. Don't be surprised if that includes the ability to pull a trailer hands-free.

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