The Lamborghini Countach Is Coming Back

Lambo’s most famous nameplate is making a surprise return.

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The Lamborghini Countach Is Coming Back © The Lamborghini Countach Is Coming Back

As evidenced by the return of the Ford Bronco and Ben Affleck's romantic reunion with J.Lo, what's old is new again. Children of the '80s who had a Lamborghini Countach on the wall of their childhood bedroom (so, like, all of you?) will soon have a new ride to use as their smartphone wallpaper because—get this—Lamborghini is bringing back the Countach. I repeat: Lamborghini is bringing back the Countach. 

Coming straight from Lamborghini's official social media channels is a teaser video heralding "a new image ready to be hung on a wall" and "a rebirth of a dream." And just so we're sure the new Countach is indeed a supercar and not, y'know, a compact electric crossover or something, Lambo also released a single photo of the new car hidden under a thick sheet, shrouded in what looks like dry ice and Italian secrecy.


The original Countach's style was best described as wedge-like and this right here definitely looks wedge-y. The lack of a big rear wing (for now) tells us this Countach may be more in line with the original, relatively less flamboyant LP400 model from the '70s rather than the '80s shoulder-pad wearing versions. Or perhaps Lambo is merely saving that stuff for the inevitable SV version.

In any case, the photo was accompanied by a news post on Lamborghini's official website with a short caption that reads, "Future is our legacy. And the new Lamborghini Countach is coming. Stay tuned..."

Unfortunately, with this news being quite out of left field, further details are scarce. No one is even really sure if this is poised to be a direct replacement for the aging Aventador or its own thing entirely but we've reached out to Lamborghini to see what else it has to say about it and will update this story if a spokesperson replies with anything good. 

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