The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Is Now the Fastest Production Car Around the Nurburgring

AMG’s 720-hp track rat is more than 1.3 seconds quicker around the Green Hell than the Aventador SVJ.

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Is Now the Fastest Production Car Around the Nurburgring © The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Is Now the Fastest Production Car Around the Nurburgring

When we reported on the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door's "luxury car" Nürburgring record last week, we predicted that it would probably be the last 'Ring record of the season before winter takes over. Well, this will go down as one of the few times we can say we were glad we were wrong because AMG just announced that the GT Black Series has officially smashed the overall production car record with a time of 6:48.047 around the official 12.9-mile circuit. It also logged a time of 6:43.616 in the old 12.8-mile layout.

This ends the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ's two-year reign as king of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a position it earned after lapping the German track in 6:44.97 on the circuit's old, shorter configuration—more than 1.3 seconds slower than the most hardcore AMG GT. Keen 'Ring record followers will also remember unofficial predictions of this exact news back in late October even though the official lap in question happened on Nov. 4. Sometimes you can believe everything you read on the internet, I guess.

Rocking a 720-horsepower, 4.0-liter biturbo, flat-plane-crank V8—the most powerful production AMG motor ever—the GT Black Series was driven by factory GT3 racing driver Maro Engel. The car's adjustable AMG coilovers were lowered, its carbon front splitter was set into "Race" position, the adjustable anti-roll bars were in their hardest setting, and camber was adjusted to maximum negative values on both axles. AMG also ensures that the soft-compound Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires used are standard on customer cars. 

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Notarized, timed, and certified by third parties, the lap was apparently run on the same day the 4-Door GT broke the record in its segment, meaning conditions were not ideal. Engel and the Black Series had to contend with low evening light, an ambient temperature of just 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and some damp sections of track. That is to say, imagine what it could do in perfect weather. 

Another fun fact: Engel apparently did the lap switching between traction settings six and seven on the nine-stage system depending on where he was. 

Exceeding 186 mph down the final straight, Engel says the $389,000 AMG GT Black Series is "significantly faster than my GT3 race car." Depending on your sensibilities, that's gonna sound either alarming or awesome given the fact that anyone with a learner's permit and sufficient funds (or the right friends) can go out and get behind the wheel of this thing on public roads. 

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