The Neutral Drop YouTube Channel Is Pure Hilarious Vehicular Brutality | Autance

If you have an appetite for destruction, this channel is for you.

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The Neutral Drop YouTube Channel Is Pure Hilarious Vehicular Brutality | Autance © The Neutral Drop YouTube Channel Is Pure Hilarious Vehicular Brutality | Autance

The Neutral Drop YouTube channel proves that there’s comedic gold in beating on hoopties that are on their last leg. It also helps that the two main members of the crew are naturals at “angry New Yorker” improv.

It’s not too often you come across a prolific YouTube channel that’s entirely dedicated to destroying a wide variety of cars. To my knowledge after watching a few videos, the crew is comprised of Camera Man, who films and appears to run the channel; Stunt Man, who drives and beats on the cars; Junk Man, who owns the junkyard where a lot of the automotive maiming takes place, as well as Blunt Man and Unknown Man. Other characters show up occasionally as well. They’ve switch-bladed a Nissan pickup (below), poured paint into a Chevy Blazer’s engine (which surprisingly didn’t seem to affect it much), bludgeoned a Honda Passport’s drivetrain to death, and more.

The channel’s name, of course, refers to the act most dreaded by all automatic transmissions: revving the engine while the car’s in neutral, and then slamming it into drive. It’s, uh, pretty hard on equipment.

It makes for such good entertainment. The source of their vehicle supply is unknown, but I’m guessing they have an insurance/junkyard hookup of sorts; maybe one of them owns an auto wrecking business? Or they just buy shitty/beat-down cars and then give the remains to Junk Man? Regardless, there’s no shortage of wrecking going on between the frames of their videos, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The “angry New Yorker” bit going on between Camera Man and Stunt Man is always hilarious – they’re pros at improv-ing amazing commentary and dialogue. Or, maybe it’s not an act… maybe this is just how they always talk? I mean, they are from Queens. Regardless, intertwined with their ramblings are a few important bits of dialogue to set things off, such as Camera Man yelling “What’s it got, Stunt Maaan?!” Before Stunt Man revs it up and slams it into drive or reverse.

Pretty much all of us enthusiasts have some sense of mechanical sympathy… many tend to want to be nice to their vehicles so they last longer. But also among our ranks are those who take joy in seeing crappy cars getting the shit beat out of them. Or, maybe they’ve done a bit of this themselves with some of the piles they’ve driven in the past – this channel’s for those types.

If lots of yelling, profanity, and goofy jokes aren’t your bag, you probably won’t find this channel all that funny. But you’re missing out on some seriously hilarious hijinks.

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