The New 2022 Subaru BRZ Slides Alongside Travis Pastrana’s Wild WRX STI In Gymkhana 11 Trailer

Ken Block may have passed on the Gymkhana torch, but the slides, jumps and ultra-close maneuvers we know and love are back and as fun as ever.

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The New 2022 Subaru BRZ Slides Alongside Travis Pastrana’s Wild WRX STI In Gymkhana 11 Trailer © The New 2022 Subaru BRZ Slides Alongside Travis Pastrana’s Wild WRX STI In Gymkhana 11 Trailer

Sick car shreddin' and stuntin' video series Gymkhana is back with a new driver, a rad new car and...another new car? That's right! In addition to Travis Pastrana taking over hoon duties from Ken Block in the gnarliest Subaru WRX STI ever cooked up by a race shop, there's a sweet little cameo in the latest Gymkhana 11 trailer from the new 2022 Subaru BRZ

This time, Travis Pastrana takes his STI to his hometown of Annapolis, Md., where he absolutely sends it all over the place. Sweet donuts, awesome drifts, ultra-close stunts through tight spaces and around moving objects, and of course, because Pastrana is involved, there's one epic jump over the water. 

Subaru decided to add one of the most eagerly awaited cars into the new Pastrana Gymkhana as well, as the trailer shows off a new BRZ in a tandem-donut alongside the star-car STI. The 2022 BRZ didn't get the turbo that many Subaru fans clamored for, but it did get a decent bump in power and torque that should make sliding around easy and fun. 

Meanwhile, Hoonigan posted a longer clip of the BRZ doing donuts around a pole this afternoon just in case you want to see a bit more of it in action. (I certainly do.)

If you care more about what happens when Subaru's American racing partner-shop Vermont Sportscar does when there's no rules holding them back, The Hoonigans released a deep dive into Pastrana's 862-horsepower WRX STI used in the video. It is a plaid-liveried joy, capable of going to plaid, and it's fascinating hearing about the technical challenge of balancing Pastrana's love of huge sends with the Gymkhana series' need for precision stunts. 

"One thing that really came to light in this particular video is just how much of a personalized stamp each driver puts into their car and what they want to do," Vermont Sportscar Director of Motorsports Dan Anctil explained to Hoonigan host John Naderi. "Ken is that classic Gymkhana slide, proximity, real close to everything perfectionism, and Travis was just like, FOOOOMMM! I want to fly it, I want to jump it, I want to just be on another level of craziness."

There's even active aerodynamics on this car that helps Pastrana control the angle of his car as it flies through the air. That is the most incredible thing I've heard of on a stunt car—yet somehow a thing that feels like a no-brainer to add—and I'm in love. 

Gymkhana 11 drops on Tuesday, Dec. 8, on Hoonigan's YouTube channel here

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