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Thankfully, the modest sport compact is still an option in the new car market.

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The New Honda Civic Si Sedan Has Me Feeling Relieved | Autance © The New Honda Civic Si Sedan Has Me Feeling Relieved | Autance

Sport compact enthusiasts rejoice: the new, 2022 Honda Civic Si has been announced. Most importantly, the car looks like it hasn’t deviated from the model’s now-classic sport-injected formula. Manual transmission, limited-slip differential, practical performance, and fun but simple styling. It’s all there.

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What Happened

Honda has officially unveiled the new 2022 Honda Civic Si (based on the brand-new eleventh-gen Civic). The brands boast that it’s the “best-handling and most fun-to-drive Civic Si ever,” with updates to its turbocharged engine to produce an even 200 horsepower, a six-speed manual transmission, limited-slip differential, sport-tuned suspension, and available summer tires.

Furthermore, for those wondering if it’s indeed a solid upgrade over the old Si, Honda also states that body rigidity has been increased by 8 percent up front and 54 percent in the rear, with larger 27mm front and 18mm rear hollow sway bars have been fitted. Several parts from the Civic Type R have trickled down as well, such as auto rev-matching during downshifts and stiff suspension bushings.

Honda’s also gone to town making it look like a true sport compact, and we think it’s done pretty well there. The Si’s subtle exterior accents, bigger black wheels, lower ride height, and blacked-out trim pieces have really done wonders for the new Civic sedan’s overall looks. Lower-trim Civic sedans aren’t terrible looking, but the Si looks better nonetheless.

Why It Matters

Modest sport compacts are exactly the kind of car we like to celebrate at Car Autance because of their accessibility and versatility. So we’re always excited to see a new one. Or at least, a revised version of a favorite that keeps a three-pedal manual transmission. The rival Hyundai Veloster will only be available as the highest-trim N starting next year, the Hyundai Elantra N-Line and Kia Forte are around, the VW GTI is creeping toward becoming overpowered for this modest segment… and that’s about it for new cars in this class.

It’s good to see that there’s still an option out there for someone who wants more fun injected into their daily commute, but isn’t quite up for the increased cost and aggression of the Civic Type R or Veloster N. Plus, it’s much more thrifty option thanks to its 1.5-liter turbo I4 that returns a rated 27 mpg city and 37 mpg highway.

What To Look For Next

Frankly, we can’t wait to start hearing journalists’ impressions and possibly getting behind the wheel ourselves. We can’t stress enough how nice it is to have a brand-new, fun-to-drive car with three pedals and a stick.

What we’re possibly even more excited for: seeing them on track. According to the TeamHondaResearch Instagram page, Honda Performance Development (HPD) is entering at least one new race-prepared Honda Civic Si in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, a world-famous endurance race put on by the National Auto Sport Association. By the looks of it, it’s got some aftermarket aero and different wheels, though no other clues as to any other performance improvements.

This is especially music to our ears, as in the past it’s led to HPD developing a turn-key, complete racecar to be sold to prospective professional racing teams.

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