2021 Ford Bronco Accessory List Is Out: New Axle Ratios, Trail Armor, and More

There’s plenty to love here, both for mall crawlers and hardcore off-roaders.

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2021 Ford Bronco Accessory List Is Out: New Axle Ratios, Trail Armor, and More © 2021 Ford Bronco Accessory List Is Out: New Axle Ratios, Trail Armor, and More

The 2021 Ford Bronco's accessory list has made its way onto the Bronco6G forum, and there are so many options. There's plenty of boring stuff, like spare tire covers ($80) and black lug nuts ($200!), but also some cool items you might wanna pick up for your Bronco. How about a new, lower-geared rear axle? Or tube doors? Oooh, aaaaah.

There are genuinely hundreds of accessories available, so we read through all of them to find the most interesting. Luckily, Ford seems to have listened to enthusiasts' requests because we've seen a lot of these pop up on forums and the wider Car Internet.


First of all, it seems like every driveshaft on the Bronco can be upgraded to a better one. Both front axles, as well as the front and rear driveshafts, can be swapped for stronger ones, although a price has yet to be determined for these more capable drivetrain components. In the same breath, several rear axle ratios are also available, either by way of upgrading the entire axle or just the pinion and ring gear. Both the front- and rear-ends can be specced up to a 4.88, 5.13, or 5.38 ratio, though these upgrades have no price attached to them yet, and they won't be available until a later date.

You can buy a 4.46 or 4.70 rear axle as a complete unit if you'd rather replace, say, a 3.73 rear-end with an open diff. It's not going to be cheap, though. Both the 4.46 and the 4.70 cost $2,275—a big chunk of change, for sure. Alternatively, you can just get the ring and pinions gears for $365. A good shop should be able to throw those in with no problems if you'd rather not do the wrenching yourself.

These ring and pinions gears are also available for the front-end, but a price is not listed. In the meantime, you can buy a whole new front differential for $1,800. 


Other off-roading upgrades include a roof-mounted lightbar ($1,748.96), though it's worth noting that RIGID will offer one that might not be so pricey. Then there's a mirror-mounted off-road light ($641.19), along with underbody lighting, either in amber or white, both for around $370. Other power accessories include a winch—another non-priced, late-availability item—and an onboard fridge/freezer combo. Actually, there are two fridge/freezer options: one from Ford which has late availability and no price, or one from Indel B for $299.99.

More importantly, trail armor is available for the two- and four-door Broncos, although no photos of said equipment are available yet. It's all made by Lund and available for the rockers ($259/$269), rear corners ($159/$197), and hood ($89). Skid plates are available, too, and they cost $695 for both body configurations. 

Also listed is an "FPP OFF-ROAD SUSPENSION KIT," which is likely a lift and a few more serious upgrades, but no more details are given. No price is listed and it has late availability, but it sounds like something that mall-crawlers across the country will snatch up in a hurry.


Some overlanding accessories are hiding in this list, such as a rear underfloor cargo vault ($479) and a center console vault ($339). There's also a cargo area security drawer made for the four-door by Tuffy, and it costs $709. Several other rear cargo options are also offered for both the two and four-door Broncos.

Fender flares are on this list, but again it's not clear what they look like. It's possible that they're the same units you'll find on Broncos fitted with the Sasquatch Package. They can be ordered unpainted, painted, unassembled or assembled with prices ranging from $489 to $699. Your precious tube doors also cost $840 or $1,350, depending on whether you get them for a two-door or four-door. 

Frankly, there's so much stuff on the list that I'm sure one of you is going to crucify me for not listing the Range-Extending Antenna ($97.26), so if you would like to read more about trailer hitches in various ball diameters or which tents are available, I suggest you skim through it here. Most of the important off-roading stuff is here, though, so happy wheeling!

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