The Origin Of Porsche’s Legendary RS Line

Crank+Piston spend some time with a very rare 2.7 RS at the Dubai Autodrome.

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The Origin Of Porsche’s Legendary RS Line © The Origin Of Porsche’s Legendary RS Line

In this video short, Crank+Piston spend some time with one of Porsche's most iconic cars, the 2.7 liter Carrera RS from 1973. We've personally never seen one of these cars painted in green with yellow accents, but we'll be damned if it doesn't look amazing. Slide behind the wheel, fire up the glorious flat-six with a flick of your left hand on the ignition, and slot the 915 gearbox into first, we're on our way. This video features the car being driven around the phenomenal Dubai Autodrome, and the car sets a beautiful contrast with the wide open expanses of the desert and deadly-serious buildings rising up from the floor in the background. It's an amazing car and an amazing backdrop for a short, fun film.

The best part of this car, aside from being painted to look like a really sporty John Deere tractor, is the rorty and intoxicating exhaust note. While the driver never gets the car into the screamer levels of revolutions, even at the lower level RPMs, the car sounds like its ready and raring to go. The car was well known in its day as a track performer, often seen skittering through corners with the inside front wheel aloft and the driver working the tiller like a madman. Sadly there is also a distinct lack of sideways driving in this video, but being that it's an irreplaceable collectible, we suppose we understand. As the narrator walks us through the history of the car, I can't help but think how amazing this car must have been in 1973 when it was first released. Will anything built today be looked upon as fondly 44 years from now?  

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