The Perpendicular Parking Trend Got This TikToker’s Tesla Supercharging Access Revoked | Autance

Perpendicular fueling caused a Tesla owner to lose access to supercharging.

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The Perpendicular Parking Trend Got This TikToker’s Tesla Supercharging Access Revoked | Autance © The Perpendicular Parking Trend Got This TikToker’s Tesla Supercharging Access Revoked | Autance

Gen Z is so random. Born in 1993, I’m straddling that Gen Z and Millennial line, but I fully understand that 15-year-olds now run the internet world and we’re all at their mercy. Mustache tattoos, nyancat, and crazy frog have given way to perpendicular fueling. Uh, okay.

I think I get it. I’ve been on board for all the fun TikTok dances, and maybe I’m going to Hell for thinking the Devious Lick challenge was hilarious, but this? I don’t know what this is. It’s kind of funny in its absurdity, but it’s totally out of left field.

I mean, look at it! Some of the comments are like, “wow, uh, maybe perpendicular fueling was always the right choice?” Maybe they’re onto something. Loads of TikTokers have emulated the trend, with all types of cars, from boring mainstreamers to lifted pickups and Porsche 911s.

The concerns about etiquette and safety are not lost on us. However, before you commenters get your underwear in gas-covered knots, it’s important to note that the overwhelming majority of these TikTok videos are filmed at night at nearly deserted gas stations. Maybe the trend is a little stupid, but c’mon, no one’s getting hurt here. Performing for social media shouldn’t come with any serious consequences. That is, unless you’re a Tesla driver.

TikTok user tacohagasaki put his own spin on the trend with a video about “Perpendicular Supercharging,” in which he parks his Model 3, X, or S across multiple spots. Clearly, the video’s a troll, but, apparently, it was enough to piss off Elon Musk. Tesla responded by threatening to revoke his supercharger access.

Amused, the user tacohagasaki took Tesla up on that, filmed a few more perpendicular supercharging TikToks, and the company subsequently revoked supercharging access on his Model S and Model X.

The trend might be slightly amusing, but this whole situation is silly. Is a dumb trend for which a guy blocks a supercharger for a short time really a legitimate reason to kneecap a paid-for functionality of your vehicle? I don’t think so, but I’m sure most won’t agree.

Either way, don’t perpendicularly fuel, it’s stupid and the trend is already dying out. 

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