The Sung Kang and VeilSide Nissan Z Build Is Extremely Good

VeilSide and actor Sung Kang partnered up to create a Nissan Z inspired by Han’s Mazda RX-7 from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.

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The Sung Kang and VeilSide Nissan Z Build Is Extremely Good © The Sung Kang and VeilSide Nissan Z Build Is Extremely Good

Han is one of the most beloved characters in the Fast and Furious franchise. During his time in the Fast and Furious family, Han—played by actor Sung Kang—has driven almost a dozen different cars. However, his most memorable car was the orange and red Mazda RX-7 from Tokyo Drift, a car that was sort of recreated in F9, with the new Toyota Supra. So fans of the franchise will be happy to see that VeilSide has once again recreated Han's iconic look, this time with the new Nissan Z.

Photographer Larry Chen was able to meet up with the team at VeilSide in Japan to see Han's new car in person and it looks great. VeilSide completely transformed the look of the Z—which was already a good looking car to begin with—to turn it into something suitable for Han to drive. The bolt-on widebody kit makes it just wide enough to fit slightly larger wheels and give it a more aggressive stance, without making it obnoxiously wide. Adding to its movie-ready stance are its air ride suspension and 20-inch two-piece wheels, the latter of which were inspired by those seen on Han's original RX-7.

When the Nissan Z first launched, its only real design criticism was its large rectangular grille. VeilSide fixed that by adding a gorgeous curved front lip that looks incredible from a front three-quarters angle. The new front lip also blends with the widened front fenders, which feature 911 GT2 RS-style vents. At the back end, there's a drag race-style rear spoiler, which is a nod to VeilSide's drag racing days.

Inside the car, VeilSide worked with Bride to make carbon fiber racing bucket seats, upholstered in a custom fabric. That same custom fabric and pattern extends to the dash trim and door panels, too.

VeilSide brought this custom Nissan Z to the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon over the weekend and there's a chance you might get to see it on the big screen. During this video, VeilSide's overseas sales boss Hideki Omi was noncommittal about this Nissan Z being in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie. So keep an eye out, as Han might ride in the orange and black once again, just this time in a Nissan Z.

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