The Tesla Model Y Is Already A Quality Nightmare: Report

I’m beginning to sense a pattern here.

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The Tesla Model Y Is Already A Quality Nightmare: Report © The Tesla Model Y Is Already A Quality Nightmare: Report

Tesla is no stranger to quality control issues. It's not surprising that when you attempt to make a brand new car, as fast as possible, in a tent, in the desert, with a pandemic happening, not everything goes to plan. Issues with paint, panel gaps, and the interior quality have all cropped up on a variety of Tesla's models, including the Model X, Model 3. Now, apparently, it's the new Model Y's turn. At least, that's according to a report from Electrek.

Electrek's post states that Tesla owner forums are filled with complaints from people who have taken deliveries on their cars only to experience severe quality issues, and that seems to be true when you go there. It looks like this poor quality control is a result of— besides Tesla's history of poor quality control—a late-quarter push to make up for lost production that occurred while the Fremont, California factory was closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously stated that Model Ys had issues with "rectifications," meaning the cars still needed a lot of work completed on them after they came off the assembly line. Apparently the bar is pretty low, concerning the quality of these rectifications. Pictures from the recipient of a new Model Y show issues with both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. 

On the outside, there are problems with the paint and misaligned panels, with the area around the taillights seeming the most problematic. On the inside, there's a couple of small foibles with the upholstery and a loose seatbelt. Other owners reported the base of the rear seat not actually being attached to the vehicle.

Before I read about the rear seat not being attached, I was going to say that these issues are pretty far from the worst quality control issues Tesla has had. I mean sure there are some small issues with fit and finish, but it doesn't seem like it's quite as bad as the Model 3 was.

Still, they are bad, and so a lot of Tesla owners are pretty put-off by this. Many are apparently taking advantage of the automaker's seven-day return policy, while others get their vehicles sent to local service centers so that technicians may attempt repairs. 

It's unclear if these issues will get better or worse by the time the quarter ends, but one thing is clear: Tesla technicians will be busy in the meantime.

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