The Twofer: Calfskin Oven Mitts and Dodge Viper RT/10

If you can’t handle the heat, buy some stylish hand wear.

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The Twofer: Calfskin Oven Mitts and Dodge Viper RT/10 © The Twofer: Calfskin Oven Mitts and Dodge Viper RT/10

The East Coast experienced its first legitimately brisk day just a week ago and, like seasonal lichens, scarves have begun to sprout. Flocking to order their lattes hot, people have remembered that heat isn’t always oppressive. When the ambient air bites and chills, warmth is a downright pleasure.

To set upon fall’s good hot things—pot roast, mulled wine, scalding black coffee—without burning hands, you’ll need some mitts, the unglamorous but necessary kitchen wear that keeps your hands from resembling those of a smithie. This Malle. W. Trusseau mitt and pot holder set is made of black calfskin leather, lending you a touch of menace as your take your potato gratín from the oven. Plus, the durable leather holds up well to outdoor use, should you decide you’re up for some fall camping.

It’s a pity that Trusseau doesn’t make calfskin mitts for the calves, because the Dodge Viper RT/10 sports rocker-mounted exhausts that are famous for branding bare legs. The cabin is furnished in a healthy amount of black leather, but the skins provide little protection from the radiating warmth of the Viper’s 8-liter engine, which shakes the chassis with rolls of V-10 thunder and—when agitated over long periods—fills the interior with the heat of a boiler room.

Leather and serpents. All that’s missing is the double-time punkabilly of a Hot Snakes cassette eminating from your Viper's tape deck. 

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