The Volkswagen Golf GTI Is the Ultimate People’s Performance Car

Regular Car Reviews finds out if Volkswagen’s hot hatch deserves its cult-like status.

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The Volkswagen Golf GTI Is the Ultimate People’s Performance Car © The Volkswagen Golf GTI Is the Ultimate People’s Performance Car

Whenever a new performance hatchback is introduced, it has to answer one question––how does it compare to the Volkswagen Golf GTI? Every test of other hot hatches can't help but mention VW's iconic vehicle, but there are plenty of reasons why the GTI is the gold standard by which all practical-but-fun cars are measured. 

It may not have been the first of its kind, but the Golf GTI was the car that put hot hatchbacks on the map. Volkswagen introduced the idea that you could buy a "sports car" for an affordable price, but one that could retain all of the practicality of a hatchback. Thus becoming the performance car of the people, able to haul the entire family around on weekdays and fly through the canyons on the weekend.

In its latest comedic vehicle review, Regular Car Reviews gets its hands on a 2017 Golf GTI Sport to see what all the fuss is about. 

Mr. Regular hits a lot of good points of why the GTI is an excellent car, especially his comments about the interior and superior dual-clutch transmission. Its competitors may be more fun to drive and engaging, but would you rather daily drive those?

We would have loved it if the review talked less about the meaningless Soundaktor and focused on poking fun at the GTI's community, something Mr. Regular excels at.  RCR also arguably misses the mark on why its so likable–– it's an incredibly refined car that appeals to everyone from teenage enthusiasts to grandparents. It makes compromises in the power department to keep things tame but still features sharp handling, quick acceleration, and a massive aftermarket to appeal to enthusiasts. 

It's a car built to please all, not just some. It doesn't do anything particularly well but is designed to be a solid contender in every category.

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