This Box Turns the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Into a Camper—In Two Minutes

Furthering our belief that the Geländewagen could be the only car you’d ever need.

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This Box Turns the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Into a Camper—In Two Minutes © This Box Turns the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Into a Camper—In Two Minutes

We at The Drive have a looooooong list of cars we lust after, but if we were forced to choose just one vehicle to drive for the rest of our lives—one that we knew could handle whatever trials and tribulations the world lobbed our way—it’d be hard not to choose the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. The leather-lined off-roader with military roots can handle pretty much any terrain, yet remains stylish enough to look at home here in New York City. 

Here to further justify our choice: the German-made Ququq G-Box, a weirdly-named crate of awesome that can transform Benz’s boxy sport-ute into a two-person camper in just two minutes.

Putting it simply, the G-Box is a combination of a compact kitchenand a small bed that slots into the cargo bay of a G-Wagen. The kitchen section consists of a large wood-and-aluminum box containing a two-burner gas stove with wind blocker, and a set of large water bottles and stainless steel bowls that creates a simple, gravity-powered sink.

At 77 inches long and 55 inches across, the cold-foam is a hair larger than a traditional full-sized mattress when the rear seats are down and the mattress is deployed. Come morning, however, the entire bed folds up on top of the kitchen box, freeing up the back seat. It even comes with a set of fitted sheets, so you don’t have to waste your vacation scouring Bed Bath & Beyond for irregularly-sized linens.

That two-minute installation figure, however, seems to imply at least two people will be hoisting the G-Box into place. The kitchen chunk of the system weighs in at 88 pounds; add on the bed, and the whole apparatus clocks in at 143 pounds.

The best part: Compared to the G-Wagen itself, the Ququq G-Box is a steal at €2,590 (around $2,900). Sadly, it’s not officially available for sale in the United States, but we’re sure we can find some way to sneak one over. After all, the Geländewagen itself wasn’t for sale here for decades, yet more than a few examples managed to find their way to our shores.

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