This is the Lamborghini Sterrato, the V10-Powered, Dirt-Ready Supercar

A mid-engine V10 Lamborghini with all-terrain tires and a lifted right height? Where do I sign?

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This is the Lamborghini Sterrato, the V10-Powered, Dirt-Ready Supercar © This is the Lamborghini Sterrato, the V10-Powered, Dirt-Ready Supercar

You weren't supposed to see Lamborghini's wild off-road supercar until Nov. 30, but the Italians couldn't wait to show off their latest toy. So here it is, the Lamborghini Sterrato, an all-terrain version of the V10-powered Huracan. And it's every bit as wild as we thought it would be.

The Lamborghini Sterrato is exactly what it says on the box. Sterrato means "dirt road" in Italian and that's where this lifted Lambo should be driven. The Sterrato is essentially a Huracan with a higher ride height, all-terrain tires, fender flares, roof rails, hood-mounted LED fog lights, and a roof-mounted air intake (for snorkel-duty, perhaps?). It looks like what Mad Max would drive if he was an influencer before the apocalypse.

Behind the driver will lie a familiar 5.2-liter V10 engine, the same one you'll find in a standard Huracan and even the Audi R8. Lamborghini didn't release any official specs with these new photos, so it's unclear what state of tune this engine will be in or how much power it will make. There's also no word on its drivetrain. I assume it will be all-wheel drive, like the standard Huracan, given its all-terrain nature but never underestimate Lamborghini's capacity for madness. So while rear-wheel drive is unlikely, I wouldn't write off the possibility just yet.

Lamborghini wants the Sterrato to be the sort of supercar you can drive equally as fast on a dirt road as you can on the pavement. Though, don't expect it to handle much more than just a dirt road. Its ride height is higher than a standard Huracan but it isn't that much higher and it's still a mid-engine supercar with a long front overhang.

There's also the possibility that the Sterrato will be the last new pure internal combustion Lamborghini ever. According to Autocar, the next-gen Aventador will be a plug-in hybrid. Unless Lamborghini decides to take a step back to another fully ICE supercar, it's very possible that the Sterrato is the end of the line for purely piston-powered Lambos.

It looks awesome, though. It's everything you'd imagine an all-terrain Lamborghini to be. It's pointy, aggressive, and absolutely bonkers and I love it. We'll all find out more when Lamborghini fully reveals the Sterrato and all of its specs Nov. 30 at Art Basel in Miami.

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