This Is Why We Can’t Have Stock Nissan 240SXs | Autance

Really, it’s a testament to how beloved the S13 really is – it’s still a perennially popular project car.

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Stock Nissan 240SXs | Autance © This Is Why We Can’t Have Stock Nissan 240SXs | Autance

There was a time when a Nissan 240SX was a very affordable option for those trying to find a rear-drive manual-shift decent-looking Japanese coupe. Then everybody bought them, modded them, and now a clean one is among the rarest cars on the road. I’m not saying this to lament their loss – there isn’t really anything exceptional about a stock U.S.-spec 240. I just wanted to share this picture because it’s such a quintessential crazily modified S13.

Car: 1989 Nissan 240SX S13
Location: Long Beach, CA
Photog: Andrew P. Collins
Camera: iPhone XR

This car passed me while I was taking the long way home from Long Beach to Los Angeles and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture. It certainly looks like a drift-style build with that chassis-mounted wing and rear bumper replaced with a ramming bar. The Rocket Bunny-looking body kit would fit with that theme, too. With a smaller exhaust and a shorter wing I actually kind of like the way this car looks. The fitment on those wheels is certainly taking full advantage of those deep fender flares. Cool colors, too.

But the next time you’re wondering “what happened to Nissan 240SXs…” the answer is: this. This happened.

No hate intended – I’m glad somebody’s out there enjoying their 240. And this one gets driven daily, if you believe the little sticker on the rear window!

If you are still determined to find one of these, or you’ve already got one and want some guidance on maintaining it, get into our S13 Car Autance!

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