This Man’s Ram 4500 Pickup with a 16-Foot Bed Is a Cummins-Powered Colossus

The gargantuan bed is nearly long enough for lap swimming—and yes, they’ve got a tarp.

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This Man’s Ram 4500 Pickup with a 16-Foot Bed Is a Cummins-Powered Colossus © This Man’s Ram 4500 Pickup with a 16-Foot Bed Is a Cummins-Powered Colossus

The pickup bed is one of mankind's greatest inventions. Look, if you're going to go to all the trouble of inventing the wheel, you need to invent a good means of carrying stuff with it. 

Yet the beauty of a pickup bed isn't just its ability to haul. It's a place to congregate. "Tailgating" is named that for a reason. There's ample room for you, your snacks, your beverages and the eight packs of mulch your mother wanted yesterday all in the same space! 

That's why we can't quit staring at this pickup from the United Arab Emirates' Off-Road History Museum. It's a Ram 4500, and its 16-foot-long bed has to be one of the longest beds in the world. 

The pickup has been stretched out to a 205-inch wheelbase to accommodate the gargantuan bed. That alone is just over 17 feet. 

This Ram's 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine isn't just cool in this case—it seems quite necessary to tow all of that extra bed around, especially if you decide to tow with it. 

There are other gargantuan custom trucks out there, including a drag-racing "Stretchy Truck" and numerous

limousines, but none of those look quite this clean. Whoever added the extra length here did some really impressive work, as a photo of what we'd really like to do with all that bed space demonstrates nicely:

That's right. Someone lined the bed and made a good ol' fashioned 16-foot-long "redneck hot tub."

I know we've all had way too much time to think about what we want to do after this dumb pandemic isn't a problem anymore, but no single image on the entire internet has made me want to find a tarp and throw a in-pickup pool party quite as much as this one has. It's like a kiddie pool, but better, because it's attached to a truck. 

The Off-Road History Museum itself is worth the follow on Instagram for all kinds of incredible vehicles like this, too—including many that are bigger and more customized. It belongs to Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of 4x4 vehicles in the world. 

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