This Nissan GT-R Was Probably the Scariest Car I’ve Ridden In | Autance

The GT-R’s look was jarring, even ugly, when this car was new. It’s aged very nicely, though.

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This Nissan GT-R Was Probably the Scariest Car I’ve Ridden In | Autance © This Nissan GT-R Was Probably the Scariest Car I’ve Ridden In | Autance

This is probably the scariest car I’ve ever ridden in, in my life. After years of pining and grinding at work, my friend Nathan finally achieved his dream and bought the Godzilla itself – a Nissan GT-R. Hot off the heels of owning an older Skyline (R32), he came across this modified GT-R for a great price. It’s much faster than his already quick tuned R32.

The GT-R has been on sale for more than a decade now. Yet, the level of performance it offers still can’t be touched by most manufacturers. The styling, which was considered ugly and jarring back in 2011, somehow now looks attractive, if not restrained. I particularly appreciate the collapsing roofline, a point of real controversy when this car first came on the scene.

Picture Details:

  • Car(s): 2009 Nissan GT-R
  • Location: Somewhere near Dayton, OH
  • Photog: Trent Widau (IG: widau)
  • Camera: Nikon D750

Anyways, Nathan’s car is extensively modified. According to him, here’s his modification list:

  • Tial Blow Off Valves 
  • Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator 
  • Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Gauge 
  • AAM Competition 3″ R-Line Intake 
  • AAM Competition Turbo Inlet Pipes 
  • AAM Competition W/G Actuators 
  • AAM Competition GT800R Turbocharger Upgrade 
  • EcuTek RaceROM 
  • Custom Intercooler Pipe Kit 
  • AAM Competition Front Mount Intercooler Kit 
  • The AAM Competition S-Line Fuel System 
  • I.D.1000cc Fuel Injectors 
  • Custom 3” Stainless Steel Downpipes 
  • Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust 
  • Custom Stainless Steel Mid Pipe 
  • Wrinkle Black Intercooler Piping 
  • Wrinkle Black Intake Manifold 
  • Engine Bay Dress Up Bolt Kit 
  • Jack’sTransmissions S800 Build Service 
  • Jack’sTransmissions Billet Clutch Baskets 
  • KW H.A.S. Coilovers 
  • 20” Rotiform KPS Wheels

I have driven some fast cars in my life, BMW M cars, maybe a few Mercedes AMG sedans, but the GT-R is on an entirely different level. Nathan claimed that his tuned GT-R made around 770 HP at the wheels, and it feels like it has every bit of those 770 ponies. The vehicle’s pull is relentless, and the handling is exceptional. The experience is a bit off-putting because the GT-R is a big car. The car is long, and wide, I’d reckon longer and wider than a lot of sports cars on the market, so the result feels like there’s a Nissan-shaped ICBM cruising around on city streets.

I don’t think I could handle this car in modded form, I think a regular 500HP GT-R is more than enough for me. 

I think that was also the question for Nathan as well, as the livability of trying to daily drive a 700 HP coupe just didn’t make sense. After driving the car around for the better part of a year, he’s recently dumped it and moved onto saner pastures.

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