This Simple Exhaust Modification Gives 996 Carrera Owners Better Sound

A short piece of tubing and a bit of welding is all it takes to make your 996 sound truly impressive.

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This Simple Exhaust Modification Gives 996 Carrera Owners Better Sound © This Simple Exhaust Modification Gives 996 Carrera Owners Better Sound

Porsche's 996 represents one of the best bargains in the used car performance world right now, being that you can get a well-cared-for Carrera 2 for less than 20 grand. The car has always been a great drive, and the engine is an absolute gem. It's not too big, not too small, and it doesn't weigh two tons. The maintenance, even, isn't all that difficult to keep up with, especially if you can do-it-yourself. Some sports car buyers are seeing the light, mostly by looking past the 996's ugly headlights and jumping into wassergekühlt Porsche ownership. One common complaint of the 996 is that it is far too quiet, not offering the exciting exhaust note that many Porsche owners look for. This simple trick can net you a glorious exhaust sound and possibly free up a couple horsepower, all while costing you very little. 

While the video here is filmed in the UK and used a mobile welding service to accomplish the task, this would easily be a simple job for any local muffler shop. For simplicity sake, and potential cost-savings, you could take the mufflers off of your own car at home and reinstall once the project is complete. Dig into the video and you'll see that the modification simply involves cutting a hole before and after the muffler on each side of the exhaust and welding a small jumper pipe between the two. This allows some of the airflow in your exhaust to take a less restrictive path across the jumper pipe instead of going through the muffler. You still have some muffled exhaust, but some of it comes out just a bit louder. When 996s were equipped with Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE), this is effectively the method Porsche used to increase sound resonance, but their system came with a switch-operated diverter unit allowing you to open or close the exhaust flap as desired. The best part of this video, however, is the end result back-to-back testing. You can immediately tell if this modification is for you and your 996 by watching the final few minutes. Personally, I'd love to have a bit more noise from my Porsche.   

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