Toyota Supra Manual Transmission Rumors: We Want to Believe

A six-speed manual could be on the way in 2022 if rumors come to fruition.

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Toyota Supra Manual Transmission Rumors: We Want to Believe © Toyota Supra Manual Transmission Rumors: We Want to Believe

The new Toyota Supra drew the ire of enthusiasts for two primary reasons. One, it was too much of a BMW underneath, and two, it didn't have a manual. New rumors suggest the latter could be about to change, however, with Japanese outlet Car Sensor reporting that a three-pedal Supra could be coming as soon as 2022.

Reportedly, the Supra would get a six-speed manual paired with its 3.0-liter turbocharged straight six, which develops 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. According to the Japanese outlet, the initial plan was to deliver a manual with the four-cylinder engine, however the decision was then made to offer it for the bigger engine instead.

It's not the first news we've heard of the A90 Toyota Supra getting a manual transmission, either. Back in 2018, assistant chief engineer Masayuki Kai noted that a manual transmission was possible, dependent on the business case for such a model. At the time, Kai told Car Advice that "There is hardware ready," adding that "...depending on feedback from the market, we will decide if we should introduce a manual transmission."

That's not all, though. Car Sensor also reports that a hotter GRMN Supra is coming down the line in 2023. The limited edition could sport the BMW M3's S58 engine under the hood based on earlier reports, with the twin-turbo straight-six good for 510 horsepower. Upgraded suspension and brakes would be a likely inclusion for such a halo model, too. There's no news on whether this version would ship with a manual or an auto box, though.

Other exciting rumors from Car Sensor are that the GR Corolla will be on the way in 2022 with a 295 horsepower version of the 3-cylinder used in the Toyota GR Yaris. Given that the G16E-GTS engine is capable of putting out over 470 horsepower with minimal modifications, it's certainly a believable power figure. Car Sensor purports that an upgraded, crazier GRMN Yaris could be on the way with similar power numbers, too.  

The rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but who among us doesn't want to believe? Revving up a big turbo six and dumping the clutch is a key part of the original Toyota Supra experience, so it would be only fitting that the manual transmission came back. Here's hoping for the tire shredders and the three-pedal purists that Toyota delivers the Supra they wanted all along. 

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