Tuned Mercedes-AMG A45 Has a Staggering 518 HP From Just a 2.0L Four-Cylinder

Top speed? A measly 202 mph.

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Tuned Mercedes-AMG A45 Has a Staggering 518 HP From Just a 2.0L Four-Cylinder © Tuned Mercedes-AMG A45 Has a Staggering 518 HP From Just a 2.0L Four-Cylinder

Thirty years ago, you could almost identify the only cars capable of hitting 200 mph simply by looking at their sleek, low-slung bodies alone. Today, with another three decades' knowledge of turbo technology under their belts, tuners can reach that milestone with almost anything, even SUVs. As such, it's little wonder that German tuner Posaidon found a way to take even the itty-bittiest of Mercedes-AMGs, the A45, all the way to a potential top speed of 201 mph.

Breaking the iconic barrier is done by amping up the A45 AMG's turbocharged 2.0-liter—already the world's most powerful production four-cylinder—with Posaidon's "RS525" package, which improves much of the furious little family car's induction and exhaust systems. A ball-bearing turbocharger pulls air through an "optimized" intake and crams it through an upgraded intercooler and into the combustion chamber, then back out again through a stainless steel downpipe and an exhaust with optional, high-flow racing catalytic converters. Tuned to run on the equivalent of 93-octane gas, this pint-sized Mercedes can produce an eye-popping 518 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque, which can catapult the A45 RS525 from a standstill to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

With that level of accelerative performance, the A45 RS525 could definitely use a bit of extra stopping power for when your radar detector goes off, and for extra cash, Posaidon can upgrade the A45's brakes too. Its RS525 package can be optionally ordered with six-piston front calipers that are fed by stainless steel brake lines and can clamp down on 14.4-inch scalloped brake rotors. It'd be a wise investment if you plan to make regular use of all them 518 horses.

One can't help wanting to see Posaidon's A45 RS525 face off against HGP-Turbo's VR6-swapped Volkswagen Golf R, though given that the latter produces at least 769 horsepower, it'd be a rather one-sided race. Sadly, it's a showdown that'll never happen in America, where only the A-class sedan via A35 AMG trim. Posaidon, however, can still wave its trident at the A35 AMG to give it 350 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, which are more than enough to make pesky Mustang drivers back down for good.

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