Tuner-Built GMC Syclone Pickup Truck Packs 455-Horsepower Supercharged V6

Just 100 examples of the throwback performance truck will be produced, and each costs an additional $40k over the stock pickup.

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Tuner-Built GMC Syclone Pickup Truck Packs 455-Horsepower Supercharged V6 © Tuner-Built GMC Syclone Pickup Truck Packs 455-Horsepower Supercharged V6

The GMC Syclone was the quirkiest, raddest pickup truck to ever come out of America. It oozed '90s attitude and was powered by a turbocharged V6 engine making 280 horsepower, sending twist to all four wheels and beating exotic supercars on the streets and drag strip. It went out in glory after the 1991 model year (technically) before passing the torch to its Blazer-bodied Typhoon brethren and has been lusted after ever since. Now, Specialty Vehicle Engineering is reviving it in the form of a 2019 GMC Canyon which rocks a 455-hp, supercharged V6.

As part of the homage being paid to GMC's supertruck of yesteryear, the SVE-built machines will feature lowered suspension—a two-inch drop in the front and a five-inch drop out back—and have significant aesthetic tweaks over stock. They'll be painted in all factory colors, according to a press release, and come in extended-cab configuration (GMC doesn't make a current-gen single-cab Canyon). Unlike the original, though, these will be offered in two-wheel-drive—luckily, four-wheel-drive is still an option as well. 

Specialty Vehicle Engineering

One would think that you'd need as many driven wheels as possible given the massive output produced by the truck's boosted 3.6-liter V6. In comparison, the new Syclone makes 175 more horsepower than the original and, this time around, it should be somewhat usable thanks to the application of supercharging rather than the peaky old-school turbo. 

Upgraded brakes are installed to ensure you'll be able to bring your beefed-up pickup to a stop, the front slotted rotors measuring 13.6-inches in diameter and being surrounded by six-piston calipers.

A heavy duty rear sway bar, traction bars, and spring bushings are around to make sure the new-age Syclone can handle the added power, and new shock absorbers front and rear are there to manage the truck's ride and cornering performance. It rides on custom 20-inch by 9-inch alloy wheels front and rear with what SVE simply explains as "Y-rated performance tires."

Specialty Vehicle Engineering

Lastly, special Syclone graphics and badging can be found throughout in genuine throwback fashion. A dashboard plaque lists each truck's specific build number along with the 455 hp figure written out, and Syclone decals can be seen on the doors and tailgate. SVE has kept the '90s looks in mind here, so you'll see plenty of references to the days of high-top sneakers and stonewash jeans.

Production of these modern-day Syclones is limited to just 100 units, so act fast if you want to remember the glory days of turbocharging and tailgates. Oh, and bring your wallets because the modifications cost $39,995 on top of the price of a regular GMC Canyon.

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