Ultra-Luxe EarthRoamer XV-HD Camper Is a Ford F-750-Based, $1.7M Behemoth

This 35-feet-long expedition truck is as close to home as you can get while on the road…if you’re a well-to-do, globetrotting family of six.

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Ultra-Luxe EarthRoamer XV-HD Camper Is a Ford F-750-Based, $1.7M Behemoth © Ultra-Luxe EarthRoamer XV-HD Camper Is a Ford F-750-Based, $1.7M Behemoth

Ever wondered what it would be like to circumnavigate the globe via a four-wheeled mansion? Now you don't have to imagine thanks to EarthRoamer’s latest creation: the $1.7-million XV-HD.

Yup, you read that price correctly. For that kind of dough, you can easily find yourself a nice multistory home in some of the country's most affluent neighborhoods. But if you wanted to spend it on the likes of the ultimate overlanding vehicle, EarthRoamer has you covered.

The XV-HD is the company’s overall flagship, and it starts life as a heavy-duty Ford F-750 King Ranch, complete with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel that makes 330 horsepower and 725 pound-feet of torque of twist. Then, it receives a whole custom outfitting to become one of the world's most comfortable and capable four-wheelers with a GVWR of 37,000 pounds.

At 35 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and a tad over 13 feet tall, EarthRoamer turns the F-750’s utilitarian roots into all-terrain royalty. Each model is customized and designed to the purchaser’s likings, and the one on display comes with an occupant capacity of up to six people, a full bathroom, and even a kitchen sink. Other options include radiant heating integrated into the floor, a full set of kitchen appliances, and even a washer and driver. Occupants can even pass through from the cab of the truck to the camper whenever they see fit, providing plenty of room for you and yours.

Pair this level of cushiness with a 115-gallon fuel tank and 20,000 watt-hours of battery and you have a mobile home that'll carry you for miles and miles in a sort of backwoods opulence. It can even carry 250 gallons of fresh water for you to take full advantage of the comforts of home while on (or off) the road. It makes do without the use of propane or noisy generators, further enabling you to relax in the best that the Colorado-based coachbuilder has to offer.

But it doesn’t end there as the XF-V-HD is built with rear air suspension and Fox shocks, providing over a foot of ground clearance to make room for 46-inch Michelin XVL all-terrain tires. It touts an approach angle of 46 degrees with a departure angle of 23 degrees, and a hydraulic leveling system to make sure you stay as flat as possible when it comes time to park for the night.

Three of these monstrosities have been built since the model's SEMA 2017 debut, and three more are currently in production. If you're wanting one of your own, you'll need to cough up a six-figure deposit and prepare your spot on the waiting list as these super campers take months to build.

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