Watch the 2019 BMW Z4 Lap the Nürburgring Faster Than the M2

This isn’t even the fastest version of the Z4, either. It makes us wonder what its slicker, stiffer Supra twin can accomplish.

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Watch the 2019 BMW Z4 Lap the Nürburgring Faster Than the M2 © Watch the 2019 BMW Z4 Lap the Nürburgring Faster Than the M2

Testing of the 2019 BMW Z4 at the Nürburgring resulted in a Nordschleife lap time of 7:55.41, or approximately six seconds faster than the BMW M2.

German publication Sport Auto pitted its test driver Christian Gebhardt in the Z4 against the 'Ring to achieve the time, which it recorded in the video published by YouTube channel Sport Auto below. Gebhardt's lap time in the Z4 is reportedly about six seconds faster than that which he achieved in the 365-horsepower M2.

Of note is that Gebhardt set this time in an EU emissions-compliant model, which is around 40 hp down on non-EU models, which will make 382 hp. Thus, this Z4 made no more than 342 hp, handicapping it by more than 20 compared to the M2, meaning all six seconds were made up around the corners. The Z4's performance may possibly be excused by more modern tires, potentially Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, the successor to the Pilot Super Sport tires that may have been used on the M2. Given modern tires, the upcoming 410-hp M2 Competition could surely backhand the Z4—emissions compliant or not—into next week.

At the same time, one must wonder what the Z4's sister model, the Toyota Supra, could manage on the Nürburgring. With its fixed roof, it likely boasts decreased drag in comparison to the Z4, not to mention greater torsional stiffness. Combined, these should allow for marginally better performance both in corners and on straights. BMW isn't planning a Z4 M to lord over the Z4 M40i, so whatever ends up being the fastest Supra variant will likely be the best the G29/A90 chassis has to offer.

Both cars will reportedly enter production together by the end of this year, so we shouldn't have to wait too long to see the Supra follow in the Z4's footsteps around the 'Ring.

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