Watch a GMC Yukon Bro-Dozer on Tiny Wheels Do a Gigantic Burnout

Nine-inch lift? Check. Seventeen-inch wheels? Also check.

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Watch a GMC Yukon Bro-Dozer on Tiny Wheels Do a Gigantic Burnout © Watch a GMC Yukon Bro-Dozer on Tiny Wheels Do a Gigantic Burnout

If you've got an overwhelming hatred of sky-scraping trucks with enough wheel gap to stick your head in and then some, now's the time to look away. Or, if poking fun at bro-dozers is something you enjoy, then watch this! It doesn't get any more comical than a massively lifted GMC Yukon—which has been jacked nine inches higher than stock—with teensy wheels, shredding its tires in a crack at internet fame.

The crew at Arch Street Wheel & Tire in Little Rock, Arkansas took it upon themselves to nab a Yukon Denali, raise it up on McGaughys suspension, and proceed to fit 17-inch XD wheels that are all but proportionate underneath the family-hauling behemoth. It's wild to think that these wheels aren't actually smaller given their comparatively tiny size when pitted against the Yukon's stock 22s.

Presuming this big boy's powered by a stock 6.2-liter V8, there's more than enough power to roast a set of normal tires—let alone ones as small as these. In factory form, the L86 engine produces 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. We're guessing the guy in the driver's seat is still far from full throttle in this clip.

Hopefully, this is a temporary set up for the sake of a viral hit, although there is an entire page dedicated to the truck on Custom Offsets' website. There, they explain the tire size is 205/40, or about 23.5-inches tall by 8-inches wide. A Yukon Denali's stock tire size is 275/55, or about 34-inches tall and 11-inches wide, for reference.

Oh, and two-inch wheel spacers have been fitted to the back for...some reason. Maybe to clear the -12mm offset.

No one in their right mind should ever run this wheel and tire combo on their sky-scraping truck, especially if they want to keep the vehicle from rolling over at every sharp turn. It also isn't the safest for others on the road, but if you'd rather be famous on Instagram than be a decent human, that probably isn't a priority for you in the first place.

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