Watch An Idiot Do Everything Wrong Off-Road, Almost Destroy Ford F250

Things get real when a brodozer heads off-road.

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Watch An Idiot Do Everything Wrong Off-Road, Almost Destroy Ford F250 © Watch An Idiot Do Everything Wrong Off-Road, Almost Destroy Ford F250

As the weather warms up and spring slides towards summer, off-road parks around the country are filling up with enthusiasts eager to re-acclimate themselves with their favorite mud pit and give their all-too-clean trucks a proper dirt bath. Of course, that's only a good idea if you've got the skills and experience to back it up, and we're sure you'll be shocked to hear that owning a big ol' 2015 Ford F250 with a Powerstroke and a lift kit isn't exactly the same thing. Consider this video of a man sliding off a trail and almost destroying his truck a warning to all those overeager bros out there.

The unlucky driver is in trouble as soon as the clip starts, having caught a soft, muddy edge while cruising through an off-road park somewhere in the southwest (the truck appears to have New Mexico plates). One obvious problem - he's riding on those idiotic low-profile tires instead of a proper off-road set. You can hear a crowd of people telling him to hit the throttle as he timidly tries to reverse out of the jam, but he cuts the wheel the wrong way and slides further down the embankment, bashing the passenger side against a tree. It only gets worse from there.

Around three minutes in, the decision has been made to turn down the slope and try to drive it through a narrow drainage ditch to rejoin the trail about fifty yards down the hill. The side panels make a sickening crunch against the tree trunk as he brakes at all the wrong times and fails to give it enough gas, resulting in a sideways slide at 3:30 that almost rolls the truck. He continues to cut the wheel the wrong way as the crowd yells "PASSENGER!"

After bouncing down the ditch almost on his side, there's a particularly painful segment around 4:40 where he just wails away at stubborn bump and nearly breaks the suspension. At 6:00, he finally makes it back to the edge of the trail, but the front air dam and shitty tires are hard to overcome. That's also around the point where we finally get to see the dents on the passenger side. The rest of the video is just him repeatedly taking the wrong line to climb a steep hill, and though he finally makes it back up to safety at the end, his hesitation halfway up is the icing on the cake.

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