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Rotors do not require regular replacement after wearing out because they are highly durable. But, do you know what to do with old rotors? The best thing to do before disposing them is that you must ensure that you no longer need them for any purpose whatsoever. Unless someone is more than willing to purchase them…

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What to Do with Old Rotors – Relevant Tips and Suitable Methods | Autance © What to Do with Old Rotors – Relevant Tips and Suitable Methods | Autance

Rotors do not require regular replacement after wearing out because they are highly durable. But, do you know what to do with old rotors? The best thing to do before disposing them is that you must ensure that you no longer need them for any purpose whatsoever.

Unless someone is more than willing to purchase them from you, then you should keep them safe. If not, you should find a proper way to dispose them without affecting the surrounding environment. This article provides you detailed information on how you can do that correctly.

What to do with Old Rotors; Quick Options 

Rotors are significant parts of all vehicles. They are iron discs connected to the tire hub and part of the brake assembly. They work with the brake pads to enable your vehicle to have a quick break, especially during an emergency.

Anyway, you will be required to dispose them after wearing them out. There are various ways to do that. So what are some of them?

Option #1: Recycling

The process of recycling them is pretty much straightforward. But you have to take them to the recycling center close to you. They don’t contain any toxic or chemical elements that might require proper handling.

Most of the brake rotors are constructed either from stainless steel, robust aluminium, or cast iron. All of these metals are easily recyclable. Although, those made from ceramic carbon are relatively hard to recycle.

The main reason why you should not recycle them at home is due to their size and weight rather than toxicity. So, what is the detailed recycling process?

  • Do a quick research to locate the recycling center close to you. You can do that by confirming with the local town hall offices to direct you where the garbage collection stations are located.
  • Before loading your truck with worn-out brake rotors, first, call the center so you can be sure if they will accept them. This enables you to be on the safe side to make an impromptu visit.
  • Take flat cardboard boxes and lay them on your truck. This is a way of creating a soft place where you can place your rotors and avoid further damages. Transport them to the center for recycling
  • The center management will show you the best site where you can place them. Different centers have a different set of rules and regulations on how these materials are processed and sorted.

Option #2: Take them to Craigslist

If you want to save yourself from loading your truck with heavy rotors and driving them to the recycling center due to various reasons such as distance, then you should get someone else to take or buy them from you.

Nowadays, most people complement their daily income by gathering scrap materials. Therefore, such individuals can be more than delighted to collect them from you. Nevertheless, you cannot make any money by doing this. 

It is quite helpful when you find someone that can take that pile of worn-out rotors you are not using from you. Therefore, you find craigslist either online or through friends. The easiest way is to post on the media platforms that you have some scrap materials such as brake rotors for pick up, and someone can gladly come and collect them from you.

Option #3: Take them Scrapyard

Do you know you can make money by selling the numerous brake rotors you have in your backyard? So you can consider this as a win-win scenario. You take them for recycling, and you get paid for it.

If you live far away from the Scrapyard, you might not know the worth of the rotors you have until you call the scrapyard management for more details. You can make approximately $2.5 per rotor, depending on the redemption rate and weight.

Brake rotors from a car can weigh between 16 to 45 pounds; thus, the bigger the automobile, the greater the weight. So if you decide to take them to the nearest Scrapyard for redemption, call ahead because some only accept the large amount. This can enable you to know what to do with old brake rotors, and here is what you can do:

  • You can inquire about the closest junkyard from the town waste management offices. Apart from that, you can conduct a quick search on google to locate them. Remember that big Scrapyards are relatively easier to find.
  • Get acquainted with them by making a call to inquire about the required quantity they can accept. Some states in the US have robust laws requiring you to produce identification cards when making such kinds of transactions.
  • Inquire from the agency the place and day to drop off the brake rotors and book an appointment with them in advance. They are quite heavy, so you want to ensure that you only make the trip once to the collection point. So making a phone call and booking an appointment saves you effort, money, and precious time.
  • If you want to estimate the amount of money you can get from the agency, you need to weigh rotors to know the amount of weight you have and the money you will pay.
  • The next step is to prepare them for transportation to the site. Most of them are made of heavy-duty aluminium or steel. Cover them with cardboard to prevent any severe damage.
  • The agency will weigh them at the collection site using a weighing machine to determine their actual weight. After that, you can ask for your compensation. You can then dispose of them in a collection bin provided by the scrapyard management.

Option #4: Throw the Brake Rotors Away

If you still don’t know what to do with old rotors, you can as well throw them away because they are not replaced quite often. However, this is against the principles of environmental conservation. If you are done with them, ask yourself if throwing them away is the best option for you.

You can throw them away, but do you want to make some cash from the worn-out rotors? Then you can forget doing that and consider taking them to a scrapyard agency, and you can be compensated handsomely for your collection effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I repurpose my brake rotors?

If they are not rusty, you can use them for do it yourself (DIY) project. You might realize that most people use the old ones for different creative and unique projects. If you want to repurpose them, you use elbow grease, spray paint, and creativity.

You can also melt them in your forge and use them to create something extraordinary. Some of the things you can make include a stand grinder, wind chime, wall clock, floor lamp base, and many incredible things you can imagine of.

Is it a must to recycle my rotors?

No, it is not a must. Remember that they are non-toxic, and you can dispose of them in a landfill without causing any damage, but it’s not recommended if you care about the environment. Although recycling is not a must, it is applicable so that you can save the landfill.

What should I do with old rotors and brake pads?

You are probably wondering what to do with old rotors and pads, but there are several things you can do. You can take them to the Scrapyard and make some money out of them. Apart from that, you can look for a craigslist to collect them from you. 

If the options above are not ideal for you, you can recycle them and create something amazing. You cannot recycle brake pads that contain harmful asbestos. The last option is to throw them away, but that can pollute the environment significantly.

Is it possible to reuse the old brake rotors?

Long ago, it was a usual practice among most car owners to reuse the old rotors a few times before a replacement. Nevertheless, in the modern world, the system is changed, and people don’t resurface them. This is because safety rules in some states don’t allow it.

Practically, the cost of replacing the old and new brake rotors is the same. So to have peace of mind, don’t reuse the old ones; instead, you can buy a new one. This is because it cost approximately $300 to $600 to replace them.

What are some of the considerations I should keep in mind during the disposal of brake rotors?

Approximately 99.9 percent of brake rotors made of metal can be reused and recycled for a greater purpose. The first thing you must remember is not to throw them away in landfills. If the rotors are made of ceramic carbon, dispose of them properly by digging them underground.

Do not dispose of them in your household garbage bin. Instead, you should hand them over to the scrapyard agency. Lastly, you can recycle them for amazing projects such as making wall clocks, sculpture stands, and many others.

Conclusion – What to Do with Old Rotors?

Sometimes it is quite challenging to dispose of the old rotors due to transportation costs. Nevertheless, you can know what to do with old rotors if you decide to recycle them. This way, you can limit toxicity levels in your landfill.

You can also consult the nearest craigslist to collect them from you. Moreover, you can take them to a junkyard agency, and you can earn from them. Throwing them away should be the last option in your mind to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

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