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Time to confess to some old sins, and relive some fun(?) memories.

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What’s the Worst Car You Wanted in High School? | Autance © What’s the Worst Car You Wanted in High School? | Autance

A friend of mine dropped this prompt into one of the car chats I lurk in and I loved it, so I wanted to pose it to the Car Autance crew here. What’s the worst car you wanted in your teenage high school years?

We’re going to discuss this in our Twitter Spaces livestream today (08/26/21) at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET. You can find our Twitter profile by clicking here but you’ll have to be on mobile to listen live. If you can’t, no sweat, drop your contribution into the comments here and we’ll get into it on the air!

In other threads, I’ve seen the Ford Contour and Probe, fourth-gen Camaros, and other random American items come up. More than one person admitted that they really wanted an old Hyundai which, yeah, wow. A few folks I’ve asked directly have mentioned the PT Cruiser (a car that was extremely popular with young people when it first came out, believe it or not).

Most of the cars I liked in high school myself is the same stuff I like now: ’90s Japanese cars and Euros from the decade after. But I had plenty of pics I should probably be embarrassed by… the first-gen Cadillac SRX was a big favorite of mine. I confessed that to my colleagues before typing this up and I’m pretty sure I lost the respect of at least two (Kevin Williams maintains that the SRX was better than its contemporary BMW X3, so that’s something.

I mean, I know it’s wacky and hard to defend in 2021, but I still like the look of the mid-’00s SRX. Maybe it’s a result of the half-dozen concussions I’ve had, whatever, I’m not apologizing for my love of that shaved brick-looking thing!

The actual worst car I wanted in high school was the Isuzu Axiom. The sharp front end, the cartoonish semi-round side window profile, it’s just a mess. If this post is your first introduction to that odd SUV (I would not be surprised if it were; the vehicle was promptly rejected and forgotten by consumers) I’m sorry.

Meanwhile, it’s time to turn on the comments. Get in here and share your worst old faves! You can include what years you were in high school for context if you want… your car selections might age you anyway.

Hat tip to Joel J. for coming up with this prompt, by the way.

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