Win a Cool Car Autance x Blipshift Shirt and Check Out More Car Merch

We’re giving away some limited Car Autance x Blipshift collab t-shirts, and have some more fun stuff you might like too.

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Win a Cool Car Autance x Blipshift Shirt and Check Out More Car Merch © Win a Cool Car Autance x Blipshift Shirt and Check Out More Car Merch

Car-themed shirt purveyor Blipshift was kind enough to help us celebrate the Car Autance relaunch by doing a limited run of its “I VOID WARRANTIES” design (sure felt on-brand to me) in our colors. The shirts are sold out for now, but we squirreled a small batch to give away – come make a comment, follow us on social, and we’ll send 12 of you some shirts!

The shirt I’m so elegantly modeling in the picture above there is a hoodie, obviously, but we’re sending out t-shirts with that same design. Here’s what it looks like:

How to enter to win a free shirt

Make a commenting account here at Car Autance and leave a comment telling us what you’d like to see more of on the site. Just comment on this post, it’s easy!

How to cheat and dramatically increase your odds of getting said free shirt

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook and tag somebody you think might enjoy Car Autance in the replies to the post about this little promo. If you do all three social channels and make a comment here on the main site, your name’s in the pot four times.

Here are the respective posts to do your tagging in the replies of:

What we’ll do at the end of April is copy-paste everybody’s handles into a spreadsheet and have a computer randomly select 12 names, then hit you up over email or DMs to get your address and size to get you your shirt!

We’re only sending one shirt per address though, so if you entered four times and get picked four times, we’ll give you one and move down the list to spread the joy a little more.

Thinking about car merch and want to get some right away?

Car Autance has its own little store of merch which we’re going to be continuously expanding. Posters, stickers, shirts… there are a handful of things available now (that pop-up poster is my fave so far) and maybe even more the next time you check in.

Don’t want to back up?

Here are our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook links again. Making a comment on our site is easy, just hit the button below and walk your way through the prompts!

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