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Yokohama – the Japanese tire manufacturer that’s been around for more than a century, is well-known for utilizing advanced technologies…

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Yokohama YK580 Review | Autance © Yokohama YK580 Review | Autance

Yokohama – the Japanese tire manufacturer that’s been around for more than a century, is well-known for utilizing advanced technologies to produce strong, durable tires for performance and passenger cars, light trucks, buses and other vehicles. But what about the Yokohama YK580 tire, one of the company’s top selling models? Is this affordable all-season tire as dependable as the other Yokohama’s tires? Let’s find out.

Quick Overview

The Yokohama YK580 tire is an all-season tire, designed for coupes, sedans, small SUVs and crossover vehicles. Like all Yokohama tires, this one too boasts some impressive, innovative features, including:

  • 3D adaptive sipes for consistent traction and better stability
  • Optimized contact patch which promotes long and even treadwear
  • Asymmetrical tread design which improves all-season handling performance (that includes light snow!)
  • Sweeping tapered rain channels which help improve handling in the rain
  • Orange oil compound enhanced tread which makes the tire durable, with less rolling resistance (fuel-saving).

So what do these (and many other) features tell us? For one, this is a stable tire that should provide great handling even in wet conditions, and yes, even on light snow. Two, thanks to its optimized groove ratio, an uniblock shoulder and two block rib, it offers powerful cornering, improved acceleration and braking grip. And because of the tire’s aggressive design (asymmetrical tread pattern plus tread block bridges), it provides a smooth, quiet ride, no matter the road you’re taking.

All in all, we found that this all-season tire performs well to excellent, based on different weather conditions. For example, it’s very stable, smooth and quiet on dry roads, good enough on wet roads, and to our surprise pretty fantastic on snow as well. But more on the performance of this tire a bit later; for now, let’s stick to the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Yokohama YK580 tire.

Pros & Cons

No tire is perfect – there always has to be something wrong, or at least slightly off with every tire, no matter its price. What about the Yokohama YK580? Do the pros outweigh the cons, or should you keep on looking for an affordable, quality tire?

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So we’ve touched upon the performance of the YK580 tire in our Quick Overview, but now it’s time to talk about it in more depth.

  • Dry Performance

This tire features 3D adaptive sipes which not only keep traction consistent through the entire life of the tire, but also ensure excellent stability under all conditions, but especially on dry pavement. An optimized groove ratio which increases the tread area by 9%, along with the already mentioned asymmetrical tread design, make for fantastic handling and stability on dry roads.

But that’s not all – the YK580 tire also has a uniblock shoulder which provides enhanced stiffness for dry handling, as well as a two block rib which provides powerful braking grip, cornering and acceleration.

  • Wet Performace

Considering this is an all-season tire, we expected it to perform at least decently in wet conditions. And we’re pleased to say that the Yokohama YK580 didn’t disappoint.

Thanks to cross traction sipes that create a biting edge for enhanced handling in wet conditions, the tire provides stability and nice handling even when it’s pouring rain. Sweeping tapered rain channels also help for driving on wet roads, as they accelerate water away from the tread area further improving handling and stability, while reducing the risk of hydroplaning. We have to mention the asymmetrical tread design again here, because this is what allows the YK580 tire that good all-season performance.

And that orange oil compound? It does more than reducing rolling resistance; it also allows for better traction in wet condition, and enhanced braking and accelerating.

  • Snow & Ice Performance

Like many quality all-season tires, the Yokohama YK580 tire has a decent snow and ice performance, but is far from perfect when it comes to icy cold conditions. That being said, this is something to be expected from all-season tires, as they can only be used on light snow anyway.

In any case, we found that this tire performs pretty well on light snow and some ice. It’s not that surprising considering its excellent design, particularly its cross-traction sipes which create biting edges for better handling on snowy roads. Again, the unique asymmetrical tread design enhances all-season handling performance, including winter performance.

Although more than decent in wintery conditions, this is not a winter tire. All-season tires shouldn’t be used in serious winter conditions as they can never be as safe and strong and proper winter tires.


The Yokohama YK580 tire is designed for various types of vehicles, including passenger cars, performance cars, minivans, SUVs and crossover vehicles.  The following list includes some of the vehicles that can fit this tire, but it’s not complete.

  • Toyota: Corolla, Camry, Sienna, RAV4
  • Nissan: Maxima, Altima, Quest
  • Honda: Civic, Accord, Odyssey, Ridgeline, CR-V
  • Hyundai: Tuscon, Sonata, Santa Fe
  • Subaru: Outback, Forester
  • Chevrolet: Cobalt, Cruze, Camaro, Impala, Malibu
  • Cadillac: STS, CTS
  • Ford: Focus, Flex, Fusion, Edge, Taurus, Mustang
  • Buick: Lucerne, Rendezvous
  • Volkswagen: Golf, Passat, Jetta
  • BMW: X5, 3-Series, 5-Series
  • Mercedes-Benz: C-Class, E-Class
  • Audi: A4, A8, S6
  • Mazda: 3, 6, CX-7, CX-9
  • Dodge: Journey, Charger, Grand Caravan
  • Pontiac: Grand Am, G6
  • Volvo: S60, S70
  • Scion tC
  • Saturn L200
  • Lexus IS250
  • Acura TL

The tire sizes range from 15” to 20”

  • 15”

195/55R15 85H SL BSW

195/60R15 88H SL BSW

195/65R15 91H SL BSW

205/60R15 91H SL BSW

205/65R15 94H SL BSW

  • 16”

195/55R16 87V SL BSW

205/50R16 87V SL BSW

205/55R16 91H SL BSW

205/60R16 92H SL BSW

205/65R16 95H SL BSW

215/55R16 97H XL BSW

215/60R16 95V SL BSW

215/65R16 98H SL BSW

215/70R16 100H SL BSW

225/50R16 92V SL BSW

225/55R16 99V XL BSW

225/60R16 98H SL BSW

225/70R16 103H SL BSW

235/60R16 100H SL BSW

235/65R16 103H SL BSW

235/70R16 106T SL BSW

LT 305/70R16 124S E BSW

  • 17”

205/50R17 93V XL BSW

215/45R17 87W SL BSW

215/50R17 95V XL BSW

215/55R17 94V SL BSW

225/45R17 94W XL BSW

225/50R17 94W SL BSW

225/55R17 97V SL BSW

225/60R17 99H SL BSW

225/65R17 102H SL BSW

235/45R17 97W XL BSW

235/50R17 96V SL BSW

235/55R17 99H SL BSW

235/60R17 102H SL BSW

235/65R17 108H XL BSW

245/40R17 95W XL BSW

245/45R17 99W XL BSW

  • 18”

215/45R18 93W XL BSW

225/40R18 92W XL BSW

225/45R18 95W XL BSW

225/50R18 95W SL BSW

225/55R18 98V SL BSW

225/60R18 100H SL BSW

235/40R18 95W XL BSW

235/45R18 94W SL BSW

235/50R18 97W SL BSW

235/55R18 100V SL BSW

235/60R18 107H XL BSW

235/65R18 106H SL BSW

245/40R18 97W XL BSW

245/45R18 96W SL BSW

245/60R18 105H SL BSW

255/35R18 94W XL BSW

255/40R18 95W SL BSW

255/45R18 103W XL BSW

255/55R18 109V XL BSW

255/65R18 111H SL BSW

265/60R18 110V SL BSW

  • 19”

225/45R19 96W XL BSW

225/55R19 99V SL BSW

235/55R19 101V SL BSW

245/40R19 94W SL BSW

245/45R19 98W SL BSW

245/55R19 103H SL BSW

255/40R19 100V XL BSW

255/50R19 107V XL BSW

  • 20”

235/55R20 102H SL BSW

245/45R20 99W SL BSW

245/50R20 102V SL BSW

255/50R20 109V XL BSW

255/55R20 110H XL BSW


The Yokohama YK580 tire has a long tread life: 60,000 mile tread life warranty for H and V rated sizes,  and 45,000 mile tread life warranty for the W rated sizes. This is pretty standard for all-season tires. Long-lasting and durable, most drivers praise the tread life of the YK580. Of course, there are also those who are not satisfied with the tread life, mostly complaining about the uneven treadwear and therefore shorter tread life in general. As you know, tread life of any tire depends on various factors, including how well you maintain the tires, and yes, even how and where you drive. In general though, with a 60,000 mile limited treadwear warranty (5 years), there’s little to complain about.

Considering everything, this is a dependable, budget-friendly all-season tire that we believe is actually worth more than its price.


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