You Can Buy Alfa Romeo’s New 2023 F1 Show Car From Today’s Launch

Is your loungeroom crying out for a Formula 1 car centerpiece? Get bidding.

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You Can Buy Alfa Romeo’s New 2023 F1 Show Car From Today’s Launch © You Can Buy Alfa Romeo’s New 2023 F1 Show Car From Today’s Launch

Form may follow function in the design of a Formula 1 car, but the engineering involved nonetheless tends to create machines that are as beautiful as they are fast. If you appreciated the aesthetic charms of Alfa Romeo's new 2023 F1 car at today's reveal, you'll be glad to know that very show car is now up for auction.

The car is being sold via F1 Authentics, an auction site that works directly with F1 teams to auction off a variety of genuine memorabilia. As per the auction listing, the non-running show car is signed by Alfa Romeo's drivers for 2023, Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu. The auction winner will also receive signed race suits as worn by the duo at the launch event. As covered by, The show car was built by Memento Exclusives and is the first example of a planned series of 2023 Alfa Romeo display cars from the company.

These overalls could be yours. F1 Authentics

This year's car, the Alfa Romeo C43, debuted wearing a striking new black and red livery, in contrast to the white and red color scheme the team has featured previously. The team also said goodbye to former title sponsor Orlen, welcoming online betting company Stake in its place.

It's not the first time an Alfa Romeo show car has gone on sale. F1 Authentics actually began selling current-season show cars last year, with the Alfa Romeo C42. This year, it stepped up to offering the actual show car from the team's official launch event.

The show car is built using digital design files sourced from the team itself, ensuring the show car is an authentic reflection of the real thing. Of course, final aero details on the floor and wings won't exactly match the race cars for reasons of secrecy, but the overall dimensions are true to the real thing. Just like the race cars, the show car is built using lightweight pre-preg carbon fiber parts, manufactured via autoclave for the best possible surface finish.

F1 Authentics

Notably, the sale page states that the show car has been "specifically designed for show car purposes and not for competition and has been constructed to withstand the loads exerted for show car purposes." You could of course try and throw an engine in the back and take it to the track, but the explicit warning suggests you likely wouldn't get far.

The car comes with a working steering rack allowing you to turn the wheels. Electronic features include a 3D-printed steering wheel with a functioning screen, along with working rain lights. The wheels can also be removed for pit stop practice or transport purposes, as can the nose and front wing.

F1 Authentics

Current estimates are that the show car will sell for over £400,000 ($482,000 USD). For that money you could consider buying a real F1 car, albeit sans engine and some running gear. If you want the show car from the 2023 Alfa Romeo launch, though, you'll have to bid for it. At time of writing, the current top bid is £80,000 ($96,438) with 13 days remaining. Good luck!

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