You Can Buy That Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro Mashup, but There’s Some Damage

The custom Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang build is now in rough shape, but it’s far from unsalvageable. This could be your next project.

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You Can Buy That Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro Mashup, but There’s Some Damage © You Can Buy That Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro Mashup, but There’s Some Damage

This unholy union of a Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang has sadly met a destructive end. Some creations are simply too beautiful for this world. But there's a silver lining to everything: You now have a chance to buy it and fix it up yourself.

The vehicle in question may look like it was built around an S197 Mustang with the face of a Camaro grafted onto the front. However, the truth is more complex. The front end, chassis, and interior appear to be from the Camaro, while the roof and tail end are from the Ford. We first spotted this automotive chimera back in 2019, when it was still a whole and running vehicle. Since then, it's befallen a nasty fate and wound up for sale on Copart.


From the sale listing, the photos indicate the vehicle has suffered a front-end collision of some sort. The fancy front bumper is badly damaged. It appears to have hit something roughly at headlight height, given the huge hole punched where the Chevy badge would usually be.

Behind that, it's likely the radiator and support have taken a beating, too. The vented hood is also popped up and may be twisted or bent. Under the hood though, everything still appears to be roughly in place. Carnage beyond the front bar appears to be limited.

The photos give us a better look at this car than when we saw it last. It appears to have a front bumper akin to the 2017 Camaro ZL1, while the hood appears to be from a 2015 Camaro Z/28. Given the nature of the build, though, it's likely that some or all of the parts are custom or aftermarket instead. Under the hood, it appears to be a fifth-gen Camaro drivetrain. The lack of an engine cover and other details makes it difficult to pin down precisely.


Notably, there's clearly a red tow strap hanging out of the front bumper, as well as a racing wheel inside the car. It suggests that the car may have come to grief out on the track, though we have no way of confirming that theory. What we do know is that the vehicle was registered in New York, as it bears an inspection sticker indicating the vehicle's modified status.

The car currently has 46,328 miles on the clock, and apparently runs and drives. Copart estimates the retail value of the car at $25,000. That's less than half what you would expect to pay for a low-mileage Camaro Z/28 of this era. Overall, the custom build appears to be fairly well constructed, although careful inspection in person would be key. Some points that stand out at a glance are a missing fuse panel on the dash and interior trims in the rear seating area.

If you fancy the weird aesthetics and are looking for a project that's not too nice to tinker with, this could be the car for you. If you're a diehard, anti-Ford, GM fanatic, though, perhaps you ought to keep looking.


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