You Could Probably Scramble Eggs in the Back of a McLaren GT | Autance

Call it a luxury, hand-assembled Denny’s.

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You Could Probably Scramble Eggs in the Back of a McLaren GT | Autance © You Could Probably Scramble Eggs in the Back of a McLaren GT | Autance

All that cargo room and heat makes room for one, or even as much as three, covered skillets. Why not expand the McLaren GT’s daily-driver capabilities?

  • Car: 2020 McLaren GT
  • Location: Southern California
  • Photog: Peter Nelson (IG + Twitter: @16vPete)
  • Camera: Canon 6D, EF 50mm 1.8 AF

The big selling point of the McLaren GT is its friendliness towards daily driving and road trips. It’s got slightly more sound insulation than every other model the brand’s produced so far, and with its twin-turbo, 4.0-liter M840TE V8 mounted lower than other nameplates, the Woking folks carved out enough room to put a real trunk in it, in addition to its decently-sized frunk.

The only problem with this, is between its large rear windshield and the fact that the trunk sits right on top of its wild, 612 horsepower heart, is there’s a lot of heat back there.

I was fortunate to have one for Thanksgiving weekend last year and let me tell you, even the shortest grocery runs were in danger of treacherous heat. I had to do a butter run last minute, and by the time I got home, the butter was nearly liquid. I only drove five miles roundtrip to acquire said butter!

Which got me thinking: Why not take advantage of this? It’s essentially an Alcantara and carbon fiber-clad oven!

What I’d like to propose to current and prospective McLaren GT owners: Buy between one and three covered skillets, half a dozen eggs, and see what kind of results you can rustle up back there. I’m thinking scrambled eggs could definitely be achieved due to the high heat and brutally fun lateral G forces. Especially if you’re raging along a tight and twisty road and keeping the revs up. The thing revs to, if I recall correctly, 8,000 rpms, and has a turbo strapped to each cylinder bank, you should have no problem getting the right amount of heat.

But please do ensure that the covers on your skillets are secured. The last thing I want to read in an email on Monday morning is egg-drenched Alcantara, and that beautiful McLaren new car smell being nasally interrupted by the smell of a well-worn Waffle House.

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