YouTuber Buys 400,000-Mile 1992 Acura NSX, and It Still Looks and Sounds Great

Not only has an Acura NSX achieved 400,000 miles on the clock, it’s actually happened twice.

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YouTuber Buys 400,000-Mile 1992 Acura NSX, and It Still Looks and Sounds Great © YouTuber Buys 400,000-Mile 1992 Acura NSX, and It Still Looks and Sounds Great

The Acura NSX was supposed to be a sports car you could daily drive, and it delivered on that promise. YouTuber PogiCars recently bought a 400,000-mile example that shows just how reliable Acura's halo car could be.

In the video, we learn that Archie Santos, the man behind the PogiCars channel, recently purchased the 1995 Acura NSX for just $29,000 in cash. It was previously owned by a retired architect for 13 years. All up, they put 325,000 miles on the clock, for a total of 401,087 miles during the car's lifetime. For a car with such high mileage, it looks remarkably sharp at a glance. It wears the rich red paint well, along with a set of gorgeous BBS wheels.

If you're feeling déjà vu, that's understandable. We've featured a 400,000-mile Acura NSX on these pages before. However, that was a '92 hardtop model belonging to one Sean Dirks. Amazingly, this is an entirely different red Acura NSX with over 400,000 miles, with its own unique story.

Looking more closely, though, we learn that the vehicle has suffered two accidents in its lifetime, in 2017 and 2018. Up front, there's a kink in the passenger-side fender from an accident involving a motorcycle. Meanwhile, at the rear, a semi-trailer hit the back of the car. The bumper and lights took some damage, and the rear quarter is kinked, but repair should be relatively straightforward.


The car has been regularly maintained over its lifetime. The vehicle came with a stack of service receipts covering its history. Repair and maintenance work has covered everything from new head gaskets, shock absorbers, water pumps, valve jobs, a new clutch, and a cavalcade of replacement filters and hoses over the years. For all this work, the engine bay is exquisitely clean, far beyond what you'd expect of a 28-year-old car.

Notably, though, the V6 engine has suffered some issues over all that mileage. Service documents from 2016 indicate scoring of the cylinder walls caused by an overheating issue. At the time, the engine was taken out to have the head gaskets replaced, along with various seals and other components. A later invoice from 2021 shows the results of a leakdown test. At 393,449 miles, the test revealed that the engine was in need of a rebuild. It's unclear whether the full engine rebuild was actually undertaken after the 2021 leakdown test.

It's great to get service records with a used car, though in this case, it's not all good reading. YouTube/PogiCars

However, speaking to The Drive, Santos indicated that the car as a whole is doing well. "The engine is healthy, [with] no check engine lights," said Santos, adding "The handling, steering, and suspension is also solid, with no issues."

As for the interior, the leather is in good condition, with the seats reupholstered with red center inserts. The steering wheel, dash, and interior plastics are all in good shape, with the center console swapped out to fit a newer a double-DIN stereo. The driver-focused layout is a great example of interior design, and all the better for the lack of giant screens.

Even with the high mileage, wear, and crash damage, $29,000 is a screaming deal for an Acura NSX. The cheapest example currently on is listed at $60,900 and is heavily modified with a turbo setup. Beyond that, the vast majority of other NSXs currently on the used market start at $90,000 and up.

The video from PogiCars notes that the previous owner sold the vehicle as they were moving overseas. After listing the vehicle on Facebook Marketplace, they had reportedly been bombarded by over 300 messages on Facebook. They feared falling victim to scammers, and thus were happy to accept $29,000 in cash for the vehicle.


Santos is sourcing parts for the required body repairs, and has some mods in mind as well. Widebody fenders are on the way to replace the damaged front-end components, and the BBS wheels are on the way out, too. A set of Rays TE37s with "aggressive fitment" are due to replace them. Santos also intends to upgrade the rear bumper to the 2005 NA2 spec, to give the car a more modern look.

Overall, this car is a shining example of just how well-built the Acura NSX really was. Even better, it's not the only one! It's literally the second 400,000-mile NSX we've featured in two years, and in the same color to boot!

In fact, it's so common for an NSX to achieve this feat, it generated significant confusion in the office that this was actually a different car than the one we'd seen previously. How's that for a testament to the NSX's legendary reliability?

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